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Storage  /  May 24, 2023

Red Deer Storage Solutions: How To Organize Your Closet for the Summer

How To Organize Your Closet for the Summer

With warm weather on the horizon, it’s time to reorganize your closet. If it’s been a while since you cleared off the shelves, the task may seem intimidating. Fortunately, the following tips make it easy to rearrange your storage solutions in Red Deer.

Coordinate by Colour

If you’ve got a full closet, it isn’t easy to see all your options at a glance. One great way to see what’s available is to organize your clothes by colour.

To start, divide your clothes into the rainbow, plus pink, black, white, brown and gray. If you have enough items, you can arrange them from lightest to darkest in each hue.

What if you have in-between colours such as magenta or teal? If it’s just one item, put it with the group that makes the most sense to you. If you have several items, you can create a new section.

Once you’ve divided your closet by colour, arrange the items by type. For example, you should put all your pink shirts together, followed by pink jackets, and so on.

Before you hang everything up, consider whether you want to add anything to your closet. You may find it helpful to add a few rods or shelf dividers. Should you need help figuring out the best storage solutions, you can contact a professional to evaluate your space.

Pack Up Winter Gear

One of the best ways to declutter a closet is to store seasonal gear elsewhere. Under the bed is popular, as it’s easy to reach and not exposed to extreme temperatures or pests like outdoor sheds. Plastic tubs are a common storage method since their lids keep dust out, and their transparency lets you see what’s inside. To get the most out of each tub, consider vacuum-sealing clothes first.

You can also hire a professional carpenter to make custom under-the-bed drawers. These look more natural and are easier to access, making them great for items you may need suddenly, such as gloves or beanies.

Of course, you might need more space than under the bed allows. In that case, you can utilize custom storage cabinets in the basement, garage, outdoor shed or mudroom. Custom cabinets fit neatly wherever you need them most, even in corners or strangely shaped spaces. Carpenters also take your needs into account when designing custom cabinets, ensuring you have enough shelves, drawers, cubbies and rods. 

Clean Out Unworn Clothes

Reorganizing your closet is also an excellent time to get rid of things you don’t wear. As a rule of thumb, you should let go of any item you haven’t worn for more than a year. The exceptions are formal wear, such as suits, that you may not need very often but are expensive to replace.

As you consider items, create three piles:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Trash

Anything damaged, stained or worn out should go in the trash. Underwear you don’t want should also go into the trash unless it’s never been worn.

Going through an entire closet can be time-consuming, especially if it’s been a while since you thinned the herd. If you don’t have several hours available, squeeze in 20-minute sessions where you can. You’ll be surprised what you can get done in such a short time.

Finally, make sure you have the basics before getting donate-happy. Every closet should contain the following:

  • A business casual outfit
  • Date night outfit
  • Relaxed fit T-shirt and jeans
  • Loose, breathable outfit for physical activity

What should you do if you’ve outgrown your closet? Handyman Connection can help with home renovations in Red Deer. We can install new storage solutions and even take on larger projects, such as kitchen remodels, bathroom upgrades and deck building. For further information, give us a call or contact us online.

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