To Purchase or not Purchase a Walk-In Tub

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If you have been considering getting a walk-in tub whether it is for yourself or someone you know who has mobility issues, there are many pros and cons to consider. They can be quite a worthwhile investment as they have many safety features including non-skid flooring, grab bars and have a low threshold. However, Handyman Connection of Red Deer does suggest reading all of the cons as well to ensure you are happy with your choice.

PRO – Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Most walk-in tubs offer hydrotherapy features and can help increase mobility and relieve pain caused by conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis and general aches and pains that come with old age. With features such as jets and deep seats, many other benefits can be provided like stress relief and increasing circulation.

CON – Waiting to Fill and Empty the Tub

One essential feature of a walk-in tub is that you can walk in, but in doing so, you have to close the door before turning the water on. You will have to sit in the tub while the water fills so Handyman Connection of Red Deer does suggest paying a bit more for a heated seat. With that being said, the door cannot be opened until the water has completely drained as well so the heated seat will help in this case doubly. Most tubs only take approximately seven minutes to drain but that is more than enough time to catch a chill as you wait.

PRO – Water Usage is Similar

Many walk-in tubs hold about 50 gallons of water. Now before you think that this may be a lot more than normal due to the deepness of the tub, that is not always the case. A standard non-jetted tub holds about 35-50 gallons of water and a shower uses between 25-50 depending on the flow of your shower head and length of the shower. Walk-in tubs are also more narrow and some have heating systems to keep the warm water circulating so you never have to add more.

CON – Installation Prices

Installation costs can vary greatly depending on if you need any plumbing repairs, a new water heater or other upgraded systems. Not only do you need to pay for the installation but the tub itself can run you anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 and are generally not covered under Medicare or Medicaid. Walk-in tubs are an investment so make sure you research the full costs.

Trust the Pros!

If you need an experienced plumber to install your own walk-in tub, call Handyman Connection of Red Deer to take stock of your bathroom situation. We will ensure you receive a full, free evaluation quote to let you know exactly what it will take to complete the install.

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