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Our operators bring years of experience to Handyman Connection. Many have extensive backgrounds in construction, home repair, remodeling and other handyman services. Their goal is for Handyman Connection to provide its customers with excellent workmanship and superior customer service.


A Little Bit About Us

When it comes to your home improvement projects our craftsmen have the expertise to get the job done and done right. Each one of our craftsmen has over ten years of experience and have all gone through a thorough background check. Handyman Connection of Phoenix's team of professionals is passionate about taking your home improvement dreams and making them a reality.


Our Members

Mark Clay

Mark Clay

Mark grew up in Tuscon and spent 33 years in Denver.  He is a huge Denver Broncos fan.  Mark has a large family, 4 kids and 7 grandkids.  One of his daughters is serving in the US Navy stationed in San Diego attached to the USS Ronald Regan.  Before coming to work for Handyman Connection, Mark spent 16 years as a general contractor in Denver.  He specializes in remodeling with attention to the finish details.  He loves to play golf at every oppurtunity and enjoys spending time with his wife of 35 years and watching his grandkids play softball.

Ron Sparks

Ron Sparks

Ron grew up in Denver area, lived in CT, VA. He has 2 daughters. Property mgmt., handyman commercial and residential maintenance since 1987. His hobbies are fishing, writing short stories and working on a couple of books.

Dave Eddlemon

Dave Eddlemon

Dave was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina. His family relocated to Phoenix when he was 4 years old. He has been in the business for 40 years. Dave is experienced in landscaping, electrical and general construction/home repairs. His passion is heavy construction. Dave is quite health conscious and enjoys exercise and practicing healthy eating habits. In his spare time, Dave enjoys jet skiing, wake boarding, riding dirt bikes and hiking. He travels to California to go surfing, any chance he gets. Dave is a fan of all outdoor sports.

Tim Muldoon

Tim Muldoon

Tim is originally from Scottsbluff, NE. He has lived in Omaha, NE, Albany, NY, Ft Wayne, IN, Wichita, KS, Del Rio, TX, El Paso, TX and Quertaro, Qro Mexico, before finally settling in Phoenix, where he currently resides. He specializes in carpentry, is a cabinetmaker, and is also proficient in plumbing and electrical. Tim has 2 sons and two grandchildren. In his spare time, Tim enjoys spending quality time with his grandchildren.


David DePaul

David DePaul

Originally from the Midwest, David relocated to Peoria 13 years ago. His favorite part about living in Arizona “Weather, outdoors, and natural beauty of the state”. David has 3 boys and likes to bike, hike and play tennis to keep in shape. David has an eye for design and is a master carpenter. David’s customer tell us he’s easygoing, respectful, honest and most importantly, he pays attention to detail.

John Reynolds

John Reynolds

John has worked for Handyman Connection since 2002, he loves living in the desert. He got into the trades at a young age because his Dad was a builder. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his grandkids, hunting and fishing. John is a pastor and has spent a lot of time working in Somoa.

Greg Hancock

Greg Hancock

Greg started with Handyman Connection in September of 2015. Greg’s main skills are in carpentry, drywall, and finish work. He also does plumbing, electrical, tile and painting. He’s an excellent craftsman and has a great touch with his customers. Originally from New Mexico, Greg has lived in Phoenix since 2000 and when he’s not working, he’s spending time with his 3 kids.


Jay Bryson

Jay is a recent transplant to the valley and comes here from Oregon to be near family. He loves the weather here. He first learned his carpentry trade through his brother. He also does drywall, plumbing, electrical and painting. He enjoys his work and takes pride in a job well done.


Moe Dupre

Moe came to us with over 20 years as a Journeyman Carpenter. She previously lived in both Louisiana and Colorado. In addition to all carpentry work she also does drywall repairs, painting and tile work. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with family, riding her motorcycle and listening to music.


Ken Kahrs

Ken has lived in Arizona for about 2 years, moving here to be close to his family. He currently resides in Phoenix. He loves “pretty much everything” about living in Arizona. Ken has 2 children and 3 grandchildren, including twin granddaughters who just recently turned a year old! His hobbies include playing guitar, reading and woodworking, which he enjoys doing in his spare time. Ken attributes his becoming a craftsman to his father, who introduced him to the trades. His specialty trade work is carpentry, but he is also proficient in drywall and plumbing. He most likes seeing the results of his efforts when completing a project. He prides himself on his attention to detail, honestly and cleanliness. He is most proud of his wife and children.


Tony Erosky

Tony has lived in Arizona for 16 years now, moving from Colorado for work and to be near family. He has been in the construction business for 20 years and was introduced to the trades by his father. His trade specialties are carpentry, plumbing and electrical. He currently resides in the Phoenix area. His favorite part of living in Arizona is the golfing! Tony has 3 daughters. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing and fishing. His favorite aspect of the job is that he gets to do different things each day. Tony is most proud of his quality craftsmanship at work, and his wife and kids in his personal life.


Wiley Jones

Wiley has lived in Arizona for 18 years, moving here during high school due to a parent’s job transfer. He likes the sunshine/climate here and the friendly people. Wiley currently resides in Glendale and has 2 children, a dog and a parakeet! He has been working in the trades for 26 years, getting into it when a friend asked him for some help! He does most everything, but enjoys doing remodeling work most. Wiley enjoys mountain biking in his spare time. His favorite aspect of the job is seeing the customer’s smile at the end of a successful project! Wiley is most proud of his family. If there is one thing Wiley would like people to know about him, it is that he is always there to help!

Dan Visage

Dan is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. His primary trades are Carpentry and Plumbing. Over 45 years of experience. He enjoys camping, fishing and woodworking. He is a pet lover with two dogs, Princess and Bulldozer. He enjoys restoring old cars.

Mike Kellems

One of our longest tenured employees, Mike has been with us since 2009.  Mike has been in the trades most of his adult life, after he retired as a rock star…. Seriously.  Mike was a drummer in a few well-known bands back in the 80’s and 90’s and he even played at Lollapalooza.  Mike’s skills are vast, there isn’t really anything he doesn’t do.  He’s a fantastic painter, plumber, and electrician.  He’s also a very good carpenter and drywall guy.  His customers love his easygoing personality and top-notch workmanship.  Mike loves dogs, he currently has 7!

Jonathan Gregory

Jonathan is currently our Sales Advisor, estimating most of our bigger projects. Jonathan started as a Craftsman with Handyman Connection back in 2013. While being a top-notch Craftsman, we decided to convert him into mostly sales and estimating. He still does the odd job here and there but mostly is out managing our larger projects. Jonathan brings over 25 years of trade experience to job and he’s a great people-person. Growing up in Kentucky, Jonathan learned the value of a hard day’s work as he worked alongside his Dad remodeling schools. He’s also spent time in New Mexico and enjoys traveling frequently – his wife, Rosie works for Southwest Airlines and when he’s not working, he’s most likely traveling or volunteering at his church. Jonathan’s easy-going nature and knowledge of the trades are what sets him apart from the rest.

Steve Washabaugh

Steve has worked in the trades his entire life.  He recently returned to Handyman Connection after a stint in Florida helping his Mom make the move to Arizona to retire.  Steve takes a lot of pride in his workmanship, attention to detail, and ability to relate to anyone.  Steve’s customers love his personality and the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  What he does take seriously is his work!  Steve’s been in the Phoenix area most of his life and has lived mostly in the East valley before recently relocating to Maricopa.

Ali Runyan

Ali got his college degree from FGCU and while he was in college he stayed in the dorms during the summer and did repair work on the dorm rooms in lieu of paying rent to stay.  He learned a lot from the more experienced trade guys on site, and being the quick learner that he is, he went into the trades after college.  Ali is meticulous and pays attention to the small details which can really make a difference when doing construction / remodeling.  Ali has two dogs and loves taking them on hikes when the weather isn’t too hot.  He also enjoys going to he gym and keeping fit.

David Jones

David was born and raised in upstate New York and he later moved to California.  David has 7 kids – 5 girls and 2 boys.  David started in the trades in 1995 and has a lot of experience in different trades.  He’s worked as a superintendent for one of the biggest home builders in Arizona.  When he’s not working he likes to hike, bike, build remote control cars / trucks and watch the Chicago Bears which is part of how he got the job at Handyman Connection, the owner, Allen LOVES the Bears!

Todd Slusser

Todd is an Arizona native and he loves to take advantage of the outdoors.  When he’s not working, he’s up in Northern Arizona hunting, fishing, and camping out.  Todd got started in construction by working with his uncle when he was younger.  Todd does just about everything when it comes to remodeling.  Todd loves finish work, weather is carpentry, painting, or tile work.


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