Which Kitchen Countertop Material is the Most Durable?

When you are redesigning your kitchen, one of the things that you will be looking at is which countertop material you are going to use. There are a variety on offer, but you probably want to be looking for the one that is the most durable. This is because these last the longest, are usually easier to maintain, and they are not going to break or crack. But, if you don’t know what the most durable materials are, you might have a hard time here. So, we are going to look at three of these materials down below.


Quartz will always come out on top when it comes to the most durable material. Crushed quartz gets mixed with resin to produce some of the strongest countertops you will ever encounter. It might look like granite when it is finished, but you will find that it far outweighs natural stone when it comes to durability.

There is nothing that you would normally do in a kitchen that could hurt your quartz countertop. It will laugh in the face of your sharpest knife, it will break plates if you drop them on it, there is not a lot of everyday use that it could not withstand. The only way you are going to break this would be to take a sledgehammer to it.


You have likely heard of laminate before in a different context. You might have heard of laminate flooring, laminating paper, and the same principles apply to your countertop. It is like a paper-plastic product that tops layers of Kraft paper with a resin that has almost endless colors and patterns.

If you are wondering why this is a durable option, it can mimic wood and granite. It is strain resistant and does not require any special cleaners to keep it in good condition. However if for some reason you do manage to break your laminate countertop, you might find it hard to repair.


This beautiful material is used as a lot of countertops across the world. It is still considered one of the best home features to have, and this is partially because of its style. But it is also because it is one of the most durable countertops that you can get. Second, only to quartz, granite is tough. You won’t be able to crack or chip it without some brute force, and if you do put a hot pan on it, you aren’t going to be facing a disaster.

Make sure that you apply sealer to granite annually to keep it in top condition and stain resistant. While it is tough, it is not indestructible so make sure that you take good care of it when you have it put it.

They are three of the most durable kitchen countertop materials that money can buy, so you should consider these as your top options if you are thinking of redoing your kitchen. If you are looking for the most durable, your best option will be quartz, but this can be expensive so the other two on this list will do a great job in its place.

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