3 Floor Tile Styles to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

When you are completing a bathroom remodel, one of the most important decisions that you are going to have to make it what type of floor tiles you want. Are you looking for something modern? Something vibrant? Or, are you looking to keep it similar to what you have now? You need to ask yourself these questions while you are in the planning stages, and before the work begins. You don’t want everything to come to a halt just because you can’t decide what type of tiles you want for your floor.

So, we have come up with 3 styles for floor tiles that you could consider when it comes to remodelling your bathroom.

Metallic Steel Finish

You might want to think about going for a metallic steel finish. You can get this in black and a variety of greys, so while your options are usually limited to these colors, you will still have a choice. These are going to be great if you are looking to go for a minimalistic style with your bathroom or a very modern one.

They look great with all kinds of bathroom accessories because of their color, and they are going to be easy to clean when it comes time for that. So, if you want something that is going to be elegant, but still quite dark, a metallic finish might be a good option for you.


For those of you who love color, patterns and everything bright and beautiful, you might want to look into a mosaic style for your bathroom floor. You can get these in a range of colors. You can create your own pattern, or you can use one that has already been done in another home. The possibilities here are endless, and you will find this when you are trying to choose. Sometimes the amount of choice can be a little overwhelming, but all mosaics are unique and come out beautifully once they are finished.

If you want something colorful and vibrant for your bathroom, this is going to be a good option. However, not all mosaics have to be colorful. You can use black and white to create this stunning style.


If you are looking for either a black, or a natural stone color, you might want to consider granite style tiles for your bathroom floor. These look absolutely stunning once they have been laid down, and they are not hard to clean either. When you are considering these for your bathroom remodel, you can look at different colors to see which goes best with the aesthetic that you want for your bathroom. Also, one of the things that you can do is get a sample and put it on your floor so that you can get a good idea of how it will look. This is going to be better than having it all laid down, only to find that you don’t like the finished product.

We hope that you have found this article useful and have at least three options to consider when it comes to the style of your bathroom tiles. Remodelling can be a stressful time, so make you take the time with your choices. You are the one who has to live with them.

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