Renovations for Better Garage Organization

Who couldn’t use a bit more storage and organization in their home?  Garages are often one of the most underutilized storage spaces in the home.

Who couldn’t use a bit more storage and organization in their home?  Garages are often one of the most underutilized storage spaces in the home.  Sure, we throw our boxes in there, perhaps store our shovels and rakes in there, but are we optimally using the space?  Probably not.  Do not waste that space when, with some simple renovations you could have a whole new garage organization system and dramatically increased storage.

The easiest place to begin is by having a qualified and licensed handyman visit your home to examine your garage, take measurements and assess what options would work best for your garage.  This will depend on whether you have a 1 car, 2 car, or 3 car garage, whether you have additional storage space on the sides or front of your garage, and if you have much ceiling space to work with.  One of the most popular ways to add storage to your garage and get organized is with cabinetry.  There are many different heavy duty garage cabinet options available.  The appeal of cabinetry is that once everything is organized and inside, it hides the clutter and mess and gives your garage a clean and organized appearance.   Another option is to install open shelving.  By having a professional properly install sturdy and durable shelving you can organize items in binds and place them on shelves or place items directly on shelves for convenience.

To continue, many homeowners like to install pegboards of various sizes for organization.  Homeowners can attach hooks, shelves, baskets and more to pegboards and then hang or place a myriad of items on pegboards.  Additionally, do not forget to look up.  Cabinets can be installed all the way to the ceiling.  Speaking of the ceiling, hooks can be installed to hang bikes and other items from.  And, you can even install hanging storage beds from the ceiling so that you can storage items safely above your vehicles.  There are racks, baskets, shelves, cabinets, pegboards, hooks, bins and more that can all be used strategically in your garage space to enhance the space and maximize your home’s storage capability.  While there are a variety of “off-the-shelf” options, it is imperative that any storage or organization options be properly installed for safety.  And, because every home is unique, it is far better to get the personalized service of a handyman who can custom design your organization options based on the unique dimensions of your garage.  When custom storage options are installed in your garage, it will not only add storage but add value to your home.

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