Should You Switch From Cabinets to Open Shelving in Your Kitchen?

Open shelving can have a really beautiful look that makes a room feel larger and unique.

Open shelving can have a really beautiful look that makes a room feel larger and unique.  If you have been to a home that has open shelving in the kitchen you have probably done one of two things – admired it or swore to yourself you would never have it.  Open shelving, when done right, looks beautiful.  But if open shelving is not done right and items are cluttered and messy on the shelves it just makes a space look unorganized.  If you like the look of open shelving or want to expand your kitchen to feel larger and more airy, do not fear open shelving.  It can be done right and look stylish.  But, if you are unsure whether or not open shelving is right for you, it is important to consider both open shelving and cabinetry options to determine what is best for your architectural style and personal lifestyle preferences.

One of the first things to consider when deciding if open shelving is right for you is how the insides of your cabinets look.  Are things neatly put away or in nice stacks?  Or is everything messily thrown into cabinets and the door shut to hide what it really looks like inside?  If you tend to keep things relatively neat and tidy, even inside cabinets, switching to open shelving will not be a major transition.  If you tend to be more messy you need to prepare for the big change open shelving will be.  Your shelves will literally put everything you have on display and it will either be a nice looking display or one that makes you look like you have never cleaned before.  Another thing to consider is how much storage you have.  If you are limited on storage, open shelving may not be the best option because it will reduce how much storage you have in the kitchen.  This is because open shelving necessitates nice organization and if you need to pile everything you have on the shelves due to a lack of storage the shelves will not look nice.  Additionally, it is wise to consider whether or not you like the look of what will be on display on the shelves.  Do you like the appearance of your plates, bowls, glasses, etc.?  If not, and if you do not plan to buy all new things for your kitchen, your open shelving will only display things that are not visually appealing to you which is not ideal.  Ultimately, the decision of open shelving will be determined largely by aesthetic appeal for your home.  Open shelving can be very functional and very stylish, but your lifestyle and personal preferences will factor heavily into the decision.  If you decide you want to incorporate open shelving, consult a qualified handyman or contractor that can help bring your ideas to reality in a professional-looking way that will enhance the overall appeal of your home.

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