4 Ways to Plan the Perfect Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is an essential part of every home, and with these tips you can make your kitchen remodel both cost-effective and eye-catching.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Many hours will be spent cooking in the kitchen for you and your family or entertaining guests.  But, if you start to get tired of your outdated kitchen decor, or if your kitchen is just not as functional as it could be, you may be thinking about remodeling.  While a kitchen remodel can be a big undertaking, it can produce incredible results that you will enjoy for many years to come.  Not everyone can perfectly envision their kitchen remodel or do it on their own.  Following some helpful tips and hiring the professionals to complete the job will make your kitchen remodel successful and beautiful.

First, an important tip to follow when remodeling a kitchen is to think about how you use the kitchen.  Do you love to cook and enjoy cooking large meals?  You may want more burners on your stove or a double oven.   Are you not much of a cook?  Perhaps you do not need big, fancy, high-end appliances.  Do you want a big island for hosting parties or big baking marathons?  Do you like to have an eat-in area for the family to have their breakfast in the morning?  All of these things will factor in to the layout of the kitchen that you design and the sizes and measurements of the appliances and cabinetry.  Second, once you know the type of kitchen you would like to design, you need to determine our budget.  Be realistic about the design you would like to achieve and the budget that you have available.  You may have your heart set on custom cabinetry, granite countertops and high end finishes but, do you have the budget for all of that?   Once you set your budget, you can choose where you want to spend your money and how but if you do not have a budget, things could go awry quickly.  Beautiful kitchens can be done on a small budget or large budget but knowing your budget and sticking to it is the most important part of the process and will help you make decisions at each stage of the remodel.  Also, do not forget to budget in a little cushion room in case an unexpected expense arises, as often happens in any remodel.  Third, another important thing to consider when remodeling is storage.  Many people that remodel their kitchens do so because their kitchen simply is not functional enough and does not have enough storage.  Plan for ways to improve storage and make your kitchen the most functional for you and your family that it can be.  Think about in-cabinet organizational systems and ways to optimize storage if your adding new cabinetry.  Even if you do not add more square footage to your kitchen, re-strategizing the layout of your kitchen can make a huge difference when it comes to creating storage.  The fourth kitchen remodel tip is that it is important to hire a reliable, experienced and trustworthy handyman or contractor to complete your kitchen remodel.  Ask for references and if they are licensed and insured so that you have peace of mind that your remodel will be done well.  When you follow these basic tips, you will be well on your way to the kitchen remodel of your dreams.

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