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Bathroom  /  May 31, 2022

Remodeling Themes – Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Themes

Remodeling Themes

Remodeling Themes for Bathroom – May 31, 2022 – For new homeowners, the bathroom is an especially exciting room of the house to remodel. It’s an easier room than most to remodel, which makes it the perfect room to instill some personality into your home and set up a theme.

Here are our top five remodeling themes for the bathroom Remodel.

Under the Sea/ Beach House

This is a classic theme which never seems to go out of fashion for a bathroom are beach and under the sea themes. Generally, this includes various shades of blues and greens implemented into the room somehow – usually painted on the walls in turquoise and light greens.

White sinks, bathtubs and showers fit into this theme perfectly, and there are over a hundred accessories you can buy to fit in with it which you can get anywhere. Everything from just pale blue, to nautical creatures and sandy beaches can be found on shower curtains or toilet coverings for your new bathroom.

If you are feeling extra creative, then you could even try your hand at a simple mural – you can try your hand at some dark blue waves, or perhaps even stencil some fish over the walls if you are feeling particularly artsy.

Grey Marble

A very classy new theme which is becoming a contemporary favorite with many people. White and grey have become the hot new thing in contemporary interior design and the bathroom is no different.

This also involves typically white sinks, bathtubs and showers, with grey marble tiles on the floors and walls, giving your bathroom an aristocratic marble temple look. You may also want to get your shower or bathtub surrounded by marble tiles.

The general rule of thumb with this look is keeping everything neutral, in the shades from white to very light grey. This includes accessories and other small bits as well, such as towels.


This is an interesting theme that has been growing in popularity. This is mostly achieved by accent walls with rainforest themes, but this theme is mostly made by the number of interesting accessories available.

Choosing a rainforest theme is the endeavor of the creative – there are nearly innumerable kinds of accessories which you can get to complete the look; bamboo flooring, wooden blinds, shower curtains with tropical rainforests, birds, monkeys or other exotic animals in it. This expands to the toilet coverings, sink coverings, faucets for the top of the tap – the possibilities for this one are nearly endless.


This one is also for the creative amongst you remodelers – this one is about mixing colors and patterns, shapes and artwork into the walls and accessories of the bathroom.

This theme is so wonderful for some people because practically anything goes in this theme. It’s almost a non-theme in this way, and there are many unusually shaped geometrical bathtubs and showers you can get if you’re willing to spend the money for that.

But ultimately, this theme is about you expressing yourself, which means we can’t possibly tell you what colors to pick and how to do it, but whatever you want, there are accessories for it.

Black and White

Nothing wrong with a perfect black and white bathroom. Black and white is a stark and stunning combination, and is often considered another classy combination – especially if you want to add a few gold pieces to the place.

Generally, what is recommended are white tiled walls, white fixtures in the room such as white toilets, showers and bathtubs. Black accessories would then go perfectly such as black framed mirrors or black drawers. Golden taps and handles would add a little sophisticated touch to the entire place, but black would also suit.

If you want a beautifully themed bathroom, but aren’t sure if you have the confidence to dive into DIY, then we have a solution for you: Handyman Connection can help you find any kind of service you need for a gorgeous bathroom!

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