Easy Spring Projects to Spruce Up Your Home

Winter is almost over, and it is time to get your house ready for those summer barbecues. If you’ve been putting off renovations all winter or were considering turning a property into a rental or maybe you were debating putting it on the market, here are a couple easy trending projects you could tackle this spring to spruce up your home and get it ready for the California summer.

1) Repair Your Deck

Repairs, Renovations and quality stain for the summer are important things you can do to protect your deck from the elements so that it will last for years to come. You’ll be spending time outside this summer so invest in getting your deck looking top notch and if you’re thinking about building a deck contact a local handyman to get quote on deck repairs in Pasadena and discuss options.

2) Porch and Patios

A great patio is a welcome to addition to any home for the summer. Building an outdoor seating or dining area is a great project you can tackle this spring to get your home ready for the long summer afternoons. Hire a local handyman to have yours professionally done for a fair price. Ask him to Install some outdoor lights for the evenings.

3) Exterior Painting

Consider going with brighter colors this year to reflect some of that summer sun and bring down those air conditioning costs this coming season. Not only will it look great it will keep the heat down a little bit and save you those extra dollars.

4) Fence Repairs

An easy project but always well worth doing if your fence is in need of repair or upgrading. Your fence is generally the first part of the property people will see and it doesn’t take much to upgrade your fence line nicely. If you are trying to keep out pests or keep pets inside, a fresh coat of paint and some solid repairs will have your fence looking idyllic. A couple coats of stain or outdoor paint will also help protect your fence from the elements over the next year and help prevent rot dramatically.

5) Build an Addition

Adding an addition is a great way to change the flow of your home. Expanding doesn’t have to be expensive. Eventually there is always a reason to need more space. You may have debated building a home office. Other people need a yoga studio or a weight room. Why not build an addition this spring and expand your living space to accommodate your growing lifestyle.

6) Get Ceiling Fans or AC installed

It is almost time to turn off the heaters and stop using the fireplace. You might want to think about getting ceiling fans or AC installed for the coming year. Heat waves can be unpredictable, and you don’t want to be left without any cooling options in the summer. Getting a handyman to install ceiling fans can be cheap and super-efficient for cooling the home. Visit the handyman connection to learn more.

7) Reseal your Windows and Doors

With summer on the way, if you had your fans and AC units looked over you probably want to keep in the cool air and stop all the heat getting in. Why not get your doors and windows checked and resealed to keep the heat out? Consider double pane glass, maybe exterior shutters to absorb the sun’s rays and keep it thermal energy outside.

7) Get That Tool Shed Built.

If you wanted a place to store all your garden tools and get rid of some clutter from the house building a small shed is the way to go. Box up all your tools, the bike and skateboards, put them in the shed and make free space in your closets and home.

8) Fix the Front Door and Install an Alarm

If you’re expecting to have people coming and going this year maybe take a look at fixing up your front door, having the trim work repainted or the door replaced. You can add an alarm, cameras or motion sensors to make your entry way either more welcoming or secure this year.

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Look for Handyman services in Pasadena for advice or to find great home renovation ideas and to get a quote on any of your projects. Get ready for the summer and tackle those home projects now so they can finally get done. Get in touch with Handyman Connection to find out more. You can also simply call or text us at 626-744-0402 to schedule your free estimate for all your Home Remodeling, Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel and Handyman work in and around Pasadena and Los Angeles!

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