Tips to Help You Choose the Best Tiles for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom is very important. You need to choose tiles that are durable and beautiful. In this blog post, Handyman Connection® of Orange County, a top home maintenance company in our area, gives tips to help you choose the right bathroom tile.

Set a Detailed Budget

The first thing you should do is to draft a detailed budget for this home improvement project. Tile comes in all sorts of prices, sizes, styles and colors. You’ll need to establish your budget to narrow down your choices. The material you choose for your tiles matters. For instance, porcelain is tough and beautiful; glass is a reflective surface that can make a small bathroom feel bigger; and natural stone has beautiful texture that adds rich dimension to the space.

Consider Tile Color and Size

Large-scale tiles are ideal for walls and shower benches; however, they need to be made of a slip-resistant material. Light-colored tile can make a small bathroom feel bigger. Light-colored bathrooms tend to feel more relaxing, open and airy. You should also choose your grout color carefully. Grout plays an important design role because it can either accentuate the individual tiles or help everything blend together.

Finalize Your Tile Design

With your budget and tile selection in place, all that’s left is to finalize your bathroom’s design. Different tiles lend themselves to different aesthetics. You need to make sure that the tiles you choose match your design goals. For example, thin grout lines and rectified tiles look best on modern homes, while porcelain tiles have a classic and traditional feel.

You can rely on Handyman Connection of Orange County for all your tile installation needs. Our handymen have honed their skills through their many years of experience. In addition to tile installation and other flooring services, we can also help you with electrical work, carpentry, painting and more. Call us at (714) 288-0077 to learn more about our services or to request a free estimate.

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