Warning Signs That Your Home Needs an Electrical Inspection

Your electrical system needs to be regularly inspected by a professional to keep you and your family safe. Regular inspections will also prevent electrical problems. In today’s article, Handyman Connection® of Orange County discusses the warning signs that it’s time to schedule an electrical inspection.

Buzzing Sounds

If you hear any buzzing sounds or strange noises coming from your walls, then you need to contact a professional. A properly installed and maintained electrical system will not emit any sort of sound. The strange noises can be caused by loose electrical connections, defective appliances, faulty wiring and more, all of which are fire hazards.

Constantly Tripping Circuit Breaker

Your home’s circuit breaker is designed to trip when the electrical draw on a given circuit exceeds a predefined level. The circuit breaker protects your appliances from electrical overload. If your circuit breaker constantly trips, then you need to get a professional electrical system inspection. This problem can be caused by an overload on a particular circuit or by a faulty appliance.

Missing GFCIs

Do you have an older home? It might still contain outdated receptacles that could put you and your family at risk. Your home needs to have ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles or GFCIs. These receptacles are designed to continually monitor your electrical circuits. If a GFCI detects a slight flow of current toward a grounded object, then it immediately shuts down the flow of electricity to that outlet. There should be GFCIs in your kitchen, bathroom, rooftop, outdoors and unfinished basement.

If you need help with electrical work, then give Handyman Connection of Orange County a call. Our handymen have over a decade of experience and they have all undergone a rigorous screening process. We also offer a wide range of home maintenance services including carpentry, painting and more. Call us at (714) 288-0077 to learn more about our services or to request a free estimate.

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