Tile Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks You Should Avoid

Tiles are among the most versatile materials for kitchens and bathrooms. You can use them for your bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes and even for flooring. Like any part of your home, tiles require regular maintenance to maintain their appearance and durability.

Here are some tile cleaning and maintenance mistakes you should avoid.

Using Bleach and Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Bleach and ammonia will discolor the grout in between the tiles. This process happens gradually but will eventually become more obvious. Instead of abrasive cleaners, use a product that is specifically recommended by the manufacturer. These cleaners are milder and but can still effectively clean the tile.

Mopping With Dirty Water

When you mop with dirty mop water, this water seeps into the porous grout surface, causing damage over time. Damp mopping is better; just always make sure to frequently replace the mop water.

Using Abrasive Tools

You should never use steel wool or metal scouring pads when cleaning your tiles. These tools, as well as abrasive powders, can leave permanent scratches and stains.

Using Wax-Based Cleaning Products

Waxes can temporarily protect your tiles against stains, odors and wear. However, they must be regularly stripped and reapplied. Wax can build up and become an eyesore as it becomes yellow and scratched. Also, it can increase the risk of slipping.

Using Oil-Based Cleaners on Glazed Tile

Oil-based cleaners on glazed tile can pose a higher risk of slip and fall accidents. Sealing requires the skill and expertise of professionals. If not applied correctly, sealers can make your tiles slippery and even cause the grout to peel and flake.

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