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Maintenance  /  April 7, 2022

Pressure Washing Tips and Advice

pressure washing

Home Improvement Projects: 5 Pressure Washing Tips in San Antonio, TX & Surrounding Areas

Cleaning your house for the summer is easy when you choose a pressure washing service. Siding, roof, driveway, deck, patio, and more can all benefit from pressure washing and power washing to remove dirt and grime. Get started with these top techniques and everything will look like it’s just been installed.

Color-coded Nozzles

It is important to familiarize yourself with the pressure washing tools before you use them, or, if you are hiring someone to complete this project for you, this is good information to know to understand the process. Each color indicates a different angle and the resulting pressure. The strongest and most dangerous pressure is the warning red-colored nozzle at 0 degrees.

  • Red Nozzle is 0 Degrees
  • Yellow Nozzle is 15 Degrees
  • Green Nozzle is 25 Degrees
  • White Nozzle is 40 Degrees
  • Black Nozzle is 65 Degrees

Tip #1

Before you begin washing a surface, be sure to test the degree and type of washer on a small patch of what you will be cleaning to make sure there is no damage while washing.

Tip #2

Test any soaps, detergents, or cleaners you are using on a small patch as well. On different surfaces, certain detergents can stain or discolor what you are cleaning.

Tip #3

Spray in even lines, do not overlap strokes, and spray straight. Overlapping can discolor or stain with watermarks and leaving the sprayer in one place for too long can cause damage.

Tip #4

Wear hearing and eye protection.

Tip #5

Familiarize yourself and be aware that different colored nozzles, as mentioned above, have different pressures and if the pressure is too strong, damage can be done to the surface.

Testing surfaces ahead of time and taking your time while using a pressure washer are some of the most important tips for using the tool. Make your home look brand new and enjoy the results in no time. If you need help with this project, contact your local craftspeople to inquire about their pressure washing services too.

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