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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Drywall  /  June 23, 2022

Mississauga Drywall Services: 3 Ways Ceiling Holes Can Occur

3 ways ceiling holes can occur

Drywall is a staple building material for several reasons: It’s durable, affordable, and easy to install. However, it’s not immune to damage, especially when outside factors rear their ugly heads. Over time, you may need drywall services in Mississauga to repair holes in ceilings and walls. In fact, you should hire a professional as soon as you notice an issue.

Holes in drywall expose your home’s internal structures to moisture, which can breed mould, attract termites and compromise electrical wiring. Degraded drywall is also a safety risk, as sheetrock offers additional fire resistance to flammable building materials. Without it, your house may burn quicker in the event of a fire.

What factors pose the greatest risk to drywall ceilings? The following can create holes before you realize there’s a problem.

Poor-Quality Materials

Like any building material, sheetrock comes in different qualities. If you have a custom home built, you have input about the drywall used. However, older homes may have low-quality sheetrock, which is less durable and may even contain harmful chemicals. Properties built between 2001 and 2009 are especially problematic since they may contain sheetrock from China, known to cause health and structural problems.

Poor installation techniques can also lead to early deterioration. Ceilings are more challenging than walls due to gravity, making more room for mistakes. Loose joints and over-sanding make sheetrock unstable, as can poorly measured holes for electrical wires.

Long-Term Water Damage

Moisture is perhaps a homeowner’s greatest enemy, as it’s insidious and incredibly damaging. Leaking pipes are a major concern, as they’re usually hidden and therefore wreak havoc undetected. Holes in the roof are another common source of moisture and can affect your underlayment, internal structures and insulation.

Once the water reaches your drywall, it’s probably done significant damage inside the ceiling. Upon noticing the damage, you should have a mould remediator take a look, as there may be fungus growing beneath the surface. The drywall itself may crumble, compromising the ceiling integrity and creating an eyesore. If you suspect a leak, keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Discoloration
  • Mildewy odour
  • Bubbling paint

Unwelcome Rodents

Rodents seek warm places with plenty of food, especially in the winter. Unfortunately, houses meet this criterion, so don’t be surprised to find unwelcome guests as the weather turns colder:

  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Rats

There’s also a brief window in spring when pregnant mothers are looking for a safe space to make a nest, so don’t let your guard down as the weather turns warm.

Sometimes rodents use pieces of drywall and insulation in nest-building, but they’re more likely driven to chew by instinct. Rodent teeth constantly grow, so they must be worn down by chewing on tough materials. In addition to drywall, these critters also chomp on electrical wiring and wooden support beams.

If you notice holes in your ceiling, the wildlife problem is already quite severe. To save on the cost of repairs, look for the following warnings in advance:

  • Droppings
  • Scurrying, especially at night
  • Squeaking

Has your drywall seen better days? If you’re in the market for drywall services in Mississauga, Handyman Connection is the place to go. We offer myriad services, including installation, repair and even maintenance. Whether you have massive damage to your ceiling or just need a few holes from hanging decor, we’re happy to help.

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