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Home Improvement  /  September 16, 2020

Why Professional Help Is Needed When Refinishing Hardwood Floors

When you take a look at your hardwood floors,you may be wondering what the right steps are to freshen them up. When it comes to refinishing hardwood floors, while the process is pretty straight forward, usually professional help is best. Here’s why.

In order to refinish your hardwood floors, you will need to be able to operate a drum sander in addition to stain and lacquer. Are you comfortable operating these tools? If you said no, here are the top reasons you may consider professional help. 

Reasons for Professionals to Assist with Hardwood Refinishing

You might be sitting here wondering what makes refinishing floors so complex. While buffing out some scratches and applying a topcoat may not seem like a major left, the remaining work can.

Even if you own a drum sander or have stained wood before, your floors are a much larger surface area than that. If this project is done incorrectly it could actually cost your more in the long run. Damages may occur that would not have if it had been done by a professional service.

The Difference Between Major and Minor Repairs

You might not think your living room is that big, but once you begin refinishing the hardwood floors, it may surprise you. While sanding, staining, and finishing might seem pretty easy to do, what happens accidental or unknown damage occurs? Are you able to remedy the issue on your own? If some planks need to be removed or repaired, a professional can handle it.

Attention to Detail and Experience

Once the floors are prepped and ready, matching the stain and pattern would be the next stage. A professional would have a much easier time trying with sanding patterns and color matching. Why should this be left to a professional? The overall finish and look to the floor is in jeopardy. Is this something you know how to do already? If not, you might want to leave this one to a skilled craftsman who only uses the best tools available.

Full Suite of Services 

Why choose to work with professionals? The end result will be beautifully refinished hardwood floors! Refinishing hardwood can be a laborious task and a very messy one at that. If you’ve never been involved in the process, know that dust, dirt and debris can be flying around in the room which requires those in the vicinity to wear a mask. 

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