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Home Improvement  /  November 5, 2020

Top 5 Home Improvement Jobs that will Increase Your Home’s Worth

Discover the Top 5 Home Improvement Jobs that will Increase Your Home’s Worth in McKinney, TX & Surrounding Areas

Here are our handyman and their tips on the top 5 home improvement jobs that will increase your home’s worth. Whether you are planning a few home improvements to ready your home to sell, or you are checking some things off your list to make your home feel more like home, these top ways to increase the value in your home will bring greater comfort and benefits once these changes are underway.


Installing new windows is a surefire way to improve your home’s value and curb appeal inside and out. New windows signal a home well taken care of and save you on your energy bills in the cold winter and sweltering summers.


Putting new doors or replacing the door’s hardware is a good way to improve your home. Doors are your way in an out of every room so they get a lot of wear and tear over the years. Doors leading to outside need to be updated or fixed if they let in a draft or make too much noise when opening. It’s like icing on the cake to have new doors in a home.


Paint is probably the only thing that makes your home look cleaner than a spring-cleaning frenzy. If you are looking for freshen up your home or are looking to sell, the clean look of new paint will add to your home’s value right away.


If you walk into a room would you rather see cracked laminate tiles or brand new carpet? New flooring is an attractive and comfortable home improvement. New home owners see this as one less thing for them to replace, so this will add to the value of your home.


When making updates, don’t be afraid to think big! Upgrading rooms such as the kitchen is a big item when considering your home’s value. Make sure you have a dishwasher and garbage disposal or if you think your stove should be gas or electric. The changes make a big difference in your home’s value.

With these updates in mind, you have some choices to make for your next renovation. Pick your projects to make an impact and make your home’s value increase.

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