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Storage  /  December 20, 2019

Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations look great when they’re up. Putting them away can be a hassle. Improper storage or labeling can lead to broken ornaments and ruined decorations year after year, meaning more money that you have to invest. 

According to Porch, it’s important to take your time while packing and avoid overfiling boxes.

When putting away your decorations, a handyman can help you find unique ways of storage to help keep your decorations safe and secure until next winter. 

4 Holiday Storage Ideas to Keep Your Decorations Organized

Wrap up your lights

Wrapping up your holiday lights around a piece of wood or cardboard can help them from getting tangled up in the box over time. There’s also special items that you can buy to unravel your lights as you go, but your handyman can help you come up with some DIY solutions as well. 

Package fragile items together – carefully 

Breakable items like fragile ornaments and glass pieces all need to go in the same box. You’ll want to invest in some sort of cushioning between items, or even a holder that will keep all the ornaments separate. 

Use storage bags or tubes for the tree

If you have an artificial tree, consider storing it in its own tubing container or bag. Not only will this free up space, but it’ll protect your tree from getting bumped or damaged over time. This is also handy for blow up yard decorations that may be too large to fit in a normal box.

Hang up wreaths and garlands

It’s tempting to just throw all the decorations in a box if it fits. But for things like wreaths and items that you don’t want crushed, consider reserving space in your closet for the wreath to hang. This can also be used for things like tinsel and garland, and any other item you don’t want smooshed in a box.

Still at a loss?

If you’ve tried every trick and your decorations are still a mess, the experts at Handyman Connection of McKinney can improve your home’s organization by adding custom storage solutions, including cabinets, built-in shelves and more. To get in touch, call (972) 752-6985 today.

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