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Home Improvement  /  July 18, 2016

The Most Common Safety Hazards In Your Home

Everyone likes to feel safe at home, but home can be a dangerous place if you do not pay attention to potential safety hazards. It does not take long to do an inspection of your home and find ways to make each room safer. The benefits to a safer home are obvious, but the consequences can be dire if home safety is not taken seriously.

Falling Hazards

If you have hardwood stairs, then you will need something to make sure that no one slips and falls while using those stairs. You can use pieces of carpet on each stair to offer the right amount of grip to avoid falling, and you can secure those rug pieces in place either with Velcro or with some kind of low grade adhesive.

Falls can also happen in parts of the home where items tend to collect and get in the way. Always keep high traffic areas free from clutter, and take a look around the house each night before you go to bed to make sure that those walkways are clear for late-night wanderers.

Dead Batteries In Detectors

Your smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors will only work if they have fresh batteries. Many of these devices give off an alarm when their battery is dying, and that is not a sound you want to ignore. You should make it a habit every three months to go around to all of the detectors in your home and change the batteries to make sure those detectors can always do their jobs.

Electrical Hazards

When an electronic device is plugged into a wall outlet, it creates a connection that could be very problematic for a homeowner. If that electronic plug were to come loose and barely hang in the electrical socket, it could create a serious fire hazard. Over time, wires to electrical plugs fray and become exposed, which creates another serious fire hazard.

Once a year, you should use Handyman Connection of McKinney to have a professional electrician come to your home and look over all of your electrical systems. A professional can recommend repairs that should be made, and give you good advice on avoiding fire hazards.


If you have children in your home, then it is important to make sure that all of your knives are put away properly. Knives that are either stored properly in drawers or in knife blocks and out of the reach of children cannot harm anyone.

Pots And Pans On The Stove

Life moves pretty quickly in any home, and a pan of boiling water on the stove with the handle facing the wrong way can be an invitation to disaster. It is distressing how much people can take the stove area for granted, but it can be one of the most dangerous places in the house when it is being used.

A stove and oven get hot when they are in use, and anyone who is not careful could burn themselves in any area with exposed skin. When the stove is in use, it should be off limits to anyone but the cook. When you are using pots and pans on the stove, make sure that the handles all point inward to prevent anyone from carelessly knocking dinner off the stove and onto the floor.

Handyman Connection of McKinney can get you in touch with home safety experts who can give you a home audit and offer ways to make your home safer. When it comes to protecting your loved ones, investing in the opinions of a professional is the only place to start.

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