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Home Improvement  /  October 28, 2019

Remodeling vs. Buying A New Home

If you’ve lost the passion for your home that you once had, that’s a sign it might be time for a change. Shows like “Love It Or List It” have popularized the tough decision when people get to this point in their lives: Do you remodel your existing home, or do you move into your perfect home? 

This is as hard a decision as any. Unlike the guests on home improvement shows, you might not have the time or budget to book remodeling services and look into moving at the same time. As you try to debate the decision in your head, here are some things to consider: 

Would you stay in the neighborhood if you moved? 

One of the biggest benefits of moving is being able to relocate. However, if you’d want to stay in the same neighborhood or wouldn’t move far away, then maybe moving isn’t what you’re looking for. 

When buying a new house, you’re signing up for a new mortgage and a lot of additional expenses, like renting a UHaul and taking days off work to complete the move. If you’re looking to relocate out of your current town, moving might be worth it. Otherwise, you should think carefully about the reasons you’re moving. 

What repairs are needed on your current home? 

When preparing to sell a property, you’ll most likely need to fix any existing problems that might hurt your home’s value or chances of selling.

Fixing these problems are necessary regardless if you choose to do a full remodel or sell your home. Work with a remodeling services company to complete necessary repairs on your home. After that, if you find you’re liking your home a little more, then you can talk with the company about remodeling the rest of your home. If not, then at least you’ve made repairs to help your home sell faster. 

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