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Home Improvement  /  February 17, 2021

Organizing Ideas for Your Garage and Custom Garage Shelving in McKinney, TX

Professional Custom Garage Shelving and Organizing Ideas for Your Garage in McKinney, TX & Surrounding Areas

The garage is an easy place to just let your belongings pile up. It’s an area of the home where you are just passing through, onto your next destination so it’s easy to do. But, here are some organizing ideas to save your garage from all that clutter. From garage shelving, peg boards, hooks, and storage, you will be able to clean it up in no time.

A Clean Garage

It’s important to keep your garage organized to avoid having any items on the floor. This can increase the risk of tripping, falling, or having an accident happen. Keep items away from your vehicle and keep clear pathways to maintain a safe and convenient area.

Think Up

There is more space in your garage than you think. You can use the walls and ceiling to store items. For example, hang your bicycles up on anchored hooks in the ceiling to keep them out of your way. Peg boards on the back wall can make use of the space where you can hang tools or items safely and within reach on the wall. Anything from hammers, clamps, flashlights, wrenches, hoses, and more.

Custom Garage Shelving

Everyone has a different need in their garage. If you are big into gardening or landscaping, if someone does a lot of woodwork, or you have a bunch of kid toys out there—no matter what it is, you can take advantage of custom garage shelving and cabinets. A custom shelf can be built to fit your garage and to store what you need it to from boots and shoes to labelled containers with the Halloween decorations in them.

It’s easy to let your garage get out of hand. Make it an organized and safe environment with getting all belongings off the ground, sorted, and put away safely. Reach out to your local handymen to start planning your garage shelving.

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