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Carpentry  /  July 27, 2023

McKinney Carpenter: Why Install a Pet Door in Your Home

Pet Door

When you get a pet, you want to make sure that they stay as healthy and happy as possible. One way that many people do this is by installing a pet door so that their cat or dog has easy access to the backyard. A carpenter in McKinney can help you install a pet door if your home does not have an existing one. Here are four reasons to install a door for your pet. 

1. Pet Doors Give Animal Companions More Freedom

Many pets, such as young cats and certain breeds of dogs, have a lot of energy and need a large space where they can burn some of that energy off. Daily walks for dogs are a good idea for this reason, but having a dog door so your dog can go in and out without your assistance can give the dog a greater feeling of freedom and independence. Similarly, most cats value their freedom and might appreciate the existence of a door. 

Not only do pet doors give pets the option to go outside whenever they choose, but they give them the option to come back inside on their own as well. Sometimes, pet owners become busy and fail to see or hear when their cat or dog wants to come back inside. When you have a pet door, your pet is no longer totally reliant on you to notice when they want back inside; rather, they are free to come back in the house if it begins to rain, gets too cold, or if they sense a potential predator nearby. 

2. Pet Doors Save People Time

In addition to giving your dog or cat more freedom, a pet door can save you time as well. For example, a door leading outside can be used by your dog to go get exercise throughout the day, saving you a trip to the dog park. Home repair services in McKinney will gladly install a door in a location that is convenient for you and suitable for your pet. 

3. Doors Assist With Home Cleanliness

Even cats who are litter box trained can become turned off by an overly full litter box and choose to go to the bathroom elsewhere. If the cat has access to a door leading outside, there is less of a chance that they will relieve themselves in the house. Dogs, as well, might resort to going to the bathroom indoors if their owner is away from home for an extended period of time and they have no access to the outdoors. 

Other ways that a door can help with cleanliness include:

  • By giving you the option to keep your pet’s food on an outside porch or patio 
  • By lowering the risk that a pet stuck inside will rip apart furniture and other items
  • By permitting your pet to come inside as soon as weather conditions change

When looking for a handyman near me, choose one with experience in carpentry and installing dog doors. 

4. Doors Can Result in Happier Pets 

Just as being outside is good for human mental and physical health, spending time outdoors can have the same effect on animals. However, to ensure the happiest pets and human residents, be aware of the possible cons of a pet door. For example, pet doors can let heat or cold air inside, reducing the energy efficiency of your house. They can also expose your pet to danger if you do not have a fenced-in yard. Pet doors have been used in homes for a long time to provide your pets with what they need – additional freedom and independence. If you’re looking for professional installation of a pet door in your McKinney home, get in touch with the contractors at Handyman Connection. Our team is trained, reliable, and perfect for the job.

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