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Home Improvement  /  November 27, 2017

How to Organize Your Closet Properly

Let’s face it; keeping your closet tidy is easier said than done. More often than not, we’re in a hurry to go to work, school, or whatever the day entails and don’t really have time to keep the closet in perfect order. Over time, the cumulative effect of this day-to-day negligence leads to a messy closet that just adds more stress to our life. In today’s post, the organizational gurus at Handyman Connection of McKinney share tips on how to keep your closet organized.

Organize Your Closet Properly

Set a Staging Area

First, designate a staging area where you can place the contents of your closet as you empty it out. We recommend a cleared-out portion of your room, but you can use your desk, chairs, or even the bed. Then, remove everything in the closet, from clothes to boxes, and place each item neatly in your staging area.

Organize and Categorize

Once you’ve placed your closet items in your staging area, it’s time to organize and categorize your items. Separate your indoor clothes from your outdoor ones, and start segregating the items that shouldn’t be in the closet or items you’re planning to get rid of eventually. One of the big causes of closet clutter are things that have no business being in the closet, so make sure to identify those items and set them aside.

The Elimination Process

Next, get rid of all unwanted items, from that sweater you bought three years ago and have never actually worn, to clothing that no longer fits you. Put the items in a large bag and donate them, or give them to a friend to use as hand-me-downs. Any items that simply don’t belong in the closet (but that you still want to keep) should be placed in the appropriate location in your home at this point.

Clean and Organize

Finally, give your closet a good cleaning before you return all your clothing and essentials. Dirt, debris, and dust aren’t just unsightly, they can actually ruin your clothes. We recommend doing this once a month to keep your closet nice and tidy. The more often you do it, the easier it will be.

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