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Home Improvement  /  June 29, 2016

How to Make Your Home’s Old Deck Look Like New

Is your McKinney home’s deck looking a little worse for wear? Have you priced out the cost for building a completely new deck and for a slight moment, considered dipping into the kids’ college fund to cover the sky-high costs? Well, for a fraction of the cost, you can revive your tired, old deck transform it into a place where you and your family enjoy spending time. There are a few steps involved, and if this process isn’t for you, call on the experts at Handyman Connection of McKinney. We’ll come out and assess your deck and provide a free, no-obligation project estimate.

  • Repair your deck. Inspect your deck thoroughly. If any area that has contact with the ground is rotted, it’s time to call in a professional for a major remodel. Inspect the connection of the deck to the house. Tighten any fasteners that have become loose. Tap down any nails that have popped up or consider replacing them with deck screws. Inspect for and repair boards with splintered pieces.
  • Clean your deck. Use a deck cleaning solution and follow the instructions on the packaging. Or you can use this DIY solution:
    • 1 quart sodium hypochlorite (household bleach)
    • 3 quarts warm water
    • 1/3 cup powdered laundry detergent – don’t use a hand dishwashing soap because it creates lots of bubbles. Caution: Do not use a detergent that contains ammonia. Ammonia and bleach react to form a poisonous gas.
    • Use a pump sprayer, let sit 10-15 minutes and rinse well. For tough stains, use a deck brush to scrub. Make sure to use eye and hand protection when cleaning.


  • Apply the new stain. Use a combination of a brush and a sprayer to apply a semi-transparent stain. The spray makes application easier and the brush can be used to even out any pooled areas of stain and to cover the exposed end grain areas. Start at an inside corner and work out, and make sure you apply your second and third coats before the previous coat has dried, otherwise subsequent coats will not be absorbed.
    Using a spray shield made of flat cardboard will prevent overspray from getting onto your home’s siding.
  • Replace railings and stairs, if needed. Update railings with a composite decking material, for an interesting contrast.

If you’re looking for a professional to assess your home’s deck and to clean and remodel it, trust the craftsmen of Handyman Connection of McKinney. We’re committed to providing homeowners with high quality work and excellent customer service. Call us today for your free no-obligation consultation.

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