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Electrical  /  August 9, 2023

Electrician in McKinney: How To Light Up Your Home and Save Energy

Electrician in McKinney- How To Light Up Your Home and Save Energy

Are you considering home renovations in McKinney? If so, updating your lighting is a great way to boost property value. There are thousands of styles on the market, ensuring you find a model that fits your needs. Of course, such a wide selection can be overwhelming if you’ve never shopped for lighting before. If you find yourself unsure which fixtures work best, take a look at this breakdown of lighting styles and their benefits.

How Does Lighting Figure Into Home Renovations in McKinney?

First and foremost, lighting impacts safety. For example, bathroom lighting makes puddles more visible, decreasing the likelihood of slipping. Outdoor lighting can deter burglars, and motion-activated lights can scare away curious wildlife.

Lighting placement can also improve a room’s functionality. An excellent example is under-cabinet LEDs, which illuminate countertops and expand the usable workspace. Task lighting on desks and work tables is also a great addition, as it helps homeowners focus on detail-oriented labor.

Finally, lighting significantly impacts a room’s atmosphere. With the right fixtures, you can create a comfy place to hang out, a high-energy area for entertaining, or a relaxing space to sleep.

Types of Lighting

Your specific home renovations in McKinney will influence your lighting choices. For instance, you should steer away from ornate chandeliers in rooms with low ceilings, as they will make the space seem smaller. For areas with limited space, consider recessed fixtures for ambient lighting. If you need accent lighting for a countertop or table, track fixtures are a great choice.

If you have lots of open space, chandeliers, and pendant lights may be the way to go. They double as decor, making them perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, and other areas you want to spotlight. Pendant fixtures and chandeliers are also some of the most diverse lighting options, ranging from simple to outright art pieces.

As you consider fixtures, also think about what type of lightbulbs you prefer:

  • LED
  • CFL
  • Incandescent

Light-emitting diodes have grown in popularity since their introduction, as they don’t create as much heat and last much longer than incandescent bulbs. You can find LEDs in a variety of colors and arrangements, including strings of lights that shift shades.

Compact fluorescent lamps only last about 20% as long as LEDs and aren’t nearly as energy-efficient. However, they’re more affordable than LED and perform better than incandescent bulbs by a landslide. For budget home renovations in McKinney, CFL bulbs are a good choice.

Finally, incandescent bulbs are the most affordable option on a bulb-by-bulb basis, but they’ll cost more in the long run. They also emit a lot of heat, which can make a big difference in comfort.

Tips for Energy Efficiency

As any electrician in McKinney will tell you, today’s lighting is much more energy efficient than even a decade ago. Updating your home’s fixtures can reduce your energy consumption, which means more money in your pocket.

First, consider replacing incandescent bulbs with CLF and LED options. If you can’t replace all of them at once, take the long-term approach and replace each bulb as it burns out.

Upgrading your system to a smart model is another great way to make your home more sustainable. This approach requires a sizable investment but can boost your home’s value and make life more convenient. If that’s too much, consider adding smaller changes instead:

  • Motion sensors
  • Timers
  • Dimmer switches

Why Hire a Professional for Home Renovations in McKinney?

When you need electrical repair services, you should always contact a professional. Electrical work is dangerous, and electricians have the knowledge and tools to complete jobs safely.

For your home renovations in McKinney, consider the experts at Handyman Connection. This team can assist with lighting installation as well as other remodeling services: flooring, plumbing, and storage solutions, to name a few. Get a free estimate by calling or submitting an online request.

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