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Home Improvement  /  May 17, 2017

Home Improvement Projects You Can Do-It-Yourself

With just a few of your basic tools and ample preparation, there are some home improvement projects that you can definitely do on your own. So if you’ve been eager to test out your new tools and rub some elbow grease, read on as Handyman Connection of McKinney lists a few DIY projects you can finish over the weekend.

Home Improvement

Repainting Your Living Spaces

While you do need to invest in the right brushes or the right kind of paint, you can definitely finish an interior painting project over the weekend. The trick here is to be prepared – have all the tools and paint ready, and make sure you prep the room properly. Place tape around the windows and move all the furniture for seamless and fast work.

Building a Stone Path

Whether you’re laying out a pathway for your backyard or your house’s entrance, building a stone path is very easy work. All you really need for this job are some decorative stones and sand. Just make sure you have a picture reference so you don’t waste valuable time experimenting on your stone path’s design.

Add or Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Although the workload depends on what kind of fixtures you’re adding or replacing, you can definitely finish this project in a few days. Just make sure the golden rule when decorating bath spaces: less is more. Stick to minimalist decor so that your bathroom doesn’t get unnecessarily cramped.

While there are some home improvement projects you can definitely do on your own, there are some that you should leave to the professionals. These include replacing or repairing your roof, installing replacement windows, and fitting in new doors. For these projects, fill out our contact form or call us at (972) 439-9695 for an estimate on our services. We’ll make sure we get these home improvement projects right the first time around.


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