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Storage  /  June 28, 2021

Garage Storage: How to Store Bikes in Your Garage


If you are having trouble figuring out a convenient space to store your bike in your garage, here are some garage storage tips on how to achieve that opportunity. Bikes can take up a lot of room if they are just sitting on the floor of your garage and there are many ways to improve the storage of your garage along the way.

Organization Tips

First, you should take your time re-orienting yourself with what you have stored in your garage. If you have old Christmas decorations, pool toys, gardening supplies, and more, these will all need to be sorted and organized. Decide what you can keep, donate, or get rid of too to free up some space. The items you do keep can be kept in labeled boxes.

Garage Storage

Custom storage shelves in a garage is a great way to use all that empty wall space. Your labelled boxes can be kept on orderly shelves and all items can be kept up off the ground, making a clear walkway free of tripping hazards. Another possibility is to install peg boards, hooks, and more to hang up any tools you need within easy reach too.

Bicycle Storage

Garage storage offers the great opportunity to have space to install anchored hooks in the wall or ceiling. This creates the perfect space to store your bike up and out of your way but still within easy reach when you are ready to go on a ride.

These three tips will help you reorganize and make the most out of your garage. Once you declutter, you can plan how to create storage room with custom shelves and more. Once everything is set up and neat, your bike can go up and out of the way for your convenience. See how you can improve your space with these dependable tips.

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