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Home Improvement  /  June 19, 2020

Favorite Wall Trim Styles

Wall trim does a great job of hiding the spot where your walls, doors or flooring meet, and it’s the perfect touch to provide your room with a top-of-the-line finished look. While there are quite a few different wall trim styles to choose from, deciding which type of trim to use for each specific purpose may be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be.

Picking a Wall Trim

To help make this decision process a little complicated for you, Handyman Connection of Mckinney is here to share with you some of the most common styles of wall trim and each of their uses.


Hiding the unsightly gap between a wall and floor is where baseboards come into play. Ranging anywhere from three to five inches in width, the baseboard, in general, is simple in style. This look is often finished off with a small piece of semi-circular quarter-round trim.

Door casing

Another type of gap in your house can be found between walls and window or door frames. Window trim and door casing may vary in style, but the width for both is likely between two and three inches. Door casing covers the gap and provides a smooth transition between the two.

Crown molding

While you don’t necessarily need to apply trim where the walls and ceiling of a room meet, it can add a nice touch to it. Crown molding is available in many different types, so selecting one that highlights your room is possible.

Chair rail

The original purpose of this type of trim is found in its name. Chair railing is essentially meant to protect your walls from damage caused by dining room chairs and other household furniture. Some people, however, use it for a purely aesthetic purpose. This works by providing a dividing line between two different shades of paint, or two different types of wall coverings in your home.


If you’re going for a more classical feel, the oval egg-like shapes interspersed with V-shaped darts found on egg-and-dart molding can give you the look you’re going for. This Greek-influenced style is often paired with crown molding or chair rail trim, so it’s best to select one beforehand.

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