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Electrical  /  September 8, 2023

Essential Lighting Tips for Your McKinney Home

Essential Lighting Tips for Your McKinney Home

Lighting can make all the difference in your home. Not only does adequate light make the decor look its best, but proper illumination is essential for safety and even good mental health. Light also makes a space feel more welcoming, while dark corners can make a perfectly ordinary room seem sinister. As you look for professional electrical repair in McKinney, consider upgrading old fixtures and bulbs. You can achieve these renovations on a small budget and get a variety of benefits in return.

Tips for Small Electrical Repair in McKinney

First and foremost, you should never take on electrical work yourself. Building codes are incredibly strict, and violations mean more renovations. Poor wiring is also a fire hazard and electrocution risk. It’s safer and less expensive to search “home electrical repair services near me” from the get-go.

Secondly, professionals, such as the team at Handyman in McKinney, can offer advice on the best fixtures and placement. These experts know what does and doesn’t work, saving you the trouble of trying out a fixture only to realize you don’t like it. In fact, you should consult your contractor about the following options when you schedule electrical repair services.

Consider Dimmable Lights

Dimmer switches are excellent for homeowners looking to save on their energy bills. The lower the light, the less energy it uses, allowing you greater control over your electrical system. If this is a big concern, you can also install motion detectors and timers to ensure you never leave a light on in an empty room.

Dimming bulbs also make them last longer. When you pair dimmer switches with LED or CFL bulbs, you can get tens of thousands of hours from a fixture before burnout. That’s hefty savings, especially when you update multiple bulbs.

Review Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures aren’t just functional — they’re an essential part of the decor. As a result, you can find a variety of styles:

  • Pendant
  • Flush
  • Rail and track
  • Fan combo
  • Chandelier

What if you have limited room? Recessed lights can make a room feel bigger since they don’t infringe on ceiling space. When you hire services for electrical repairs, your team can determine the best placement for recessed fixtures.

Include Task Lighting

While overhead fixtures are excellent for ambient illumination, you need small sources for task lighting. Usually some form of lamp, task lighting allows you to spotlight an area for detail work. For example, you may use a table lamp to write at a desk.

Table and floor lamps are popular for mobility, but you can install fixed lighting in frequently used areas. Under-cabinet lights work well in the kitchen, for example, and many homeowners have wall sconces by their beds to free up space on nightstands.

Increase Natural Light

Finally, consider boosting the natural light in your home. Natural light is a huge plus for potential buyers and can even increase your property value. Studies also show it can improve mental well-being and help you sleep.

While professional electrical repair may not directly increase natural lighting, your local contractors can still help with the following renovations:

  • Add a skylight.
  • Paint rooms a light color.
  • Update windows.
  • Hang mirrors.

You should also get your windows power washed every six months to prevent grime buildup. Your local handyperson should be able to assist.

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