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Drywall  /  July 31, 2023

Common Reasons You Might Need Drywall Repair Services in McKinney

Drywall Repair Services

Damaged drywall looks unsightly and also can create more problems with the integrity of your walls or ceilings. When you want your walls to look perfect, you should have a professional contractor skilled in home renovations in McKinney take on the job. Handyman Connection has a team of talented drywall pros who can install your sheetrock quickly and efficiently. Our team of pros can also repair some common issues homeowners face.

Drywall for Your Walls and Ceiling

Some DIY homeowners feel confident that they can handle hanging drywall for their walls and ceiling. While this job may look easy and uncomplicated, there’s a lot more to it than just nailing sheetrock to your wall studs and adding tape. Drywall pros have years of knowledge and experience with this specific job and can make your walls look flawless. If your drywall was incorrectly installed or damaged, here are some signs you need our repair services:


A typical problem that requires a drywall repair or new installation is when you have leaks inside your walls. When there is a plumbing issue and water gets behind your sheetrock, it will lead to damage right away. Ignoring this problem can lead to more damage, mold, or worse. Our pros can remove the water-damaged drywall and replace it with a fresh, new wall.

Visible Holes

Another problem that needs to be fixed right away is when there is a hole in your drywall. Holes can be caused by furniture slamming against the wall, someone punching the wall or a door handle hitting the wall. Sheetrock holes should be professionally repaired quickly so the damage doesn’t spread to the rest of the wall or ceiling.

Cracked Drywall

The next  issue a handyman can help with is if there are cracks in the drywall. Cracks can happen if you have an older home that settles. They are also common in drywall that wasn’t properly installed. Some cracks are a result of extreme temperature fluctuations from hot to cold or vice versa. Your contractor should come out right away to address any cracks in your ceiling so you can stop further damage to your drywall.

Nail Pops

Nail pops can also be a sign of sheetrock damage. A nail pop is a small blemish on your drywall from the head of a nail attached to the wall studs. Nail pops don’t happen due to any problems with the drywall. The nails pop out slightly when the lumber behind the drywall expands or contracts too quickly. This can make your walls look uneven and unfinished, so it’s best to have a professional fix this problem.

Professional Drywall Services

When you consider the pros and cons of using a pro for drywall services, the benefits outweigh any concerns. Investing in professional repair and installation gives you your time back and helps you avoid additional costly fixes down the road. Contractors can help you get more life out of your walls and ceilings.

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The choice to renovate your house is an important one, and you need to be able to trust that your chosen contractor has the competency and skill to handle the job. For electrical repair services, drywall repairs, plumbing, and much more, you can turn to the team at the Handyman Connection.Learn more about our services at the Handyman Connection by contacting our team today. We offer a variety of wall and ceiling installation or repair options for homeowners. Find out why so many homeowners in McKinney have been happy with our customer service and workmanship.

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