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Home Improvement  /  May 31, 2016

Choosing the Right Exterior Door for Your Home

With all the different types of exterior doors, which one is best? While you want a door that will add that wow-factor to your home, you’re probably also looking for a door that’s both durable and affordable. Furthermore, a well-insulated exterior door will add value to your home while keeping it cozy. When it comes to selecting the door that suits you best, Handyman Connection of McKinney has some useful information to get you started.

Going with steel

As one of the most popular choices among today’s homeowners, the steel door wins hands-down for many reasons. In fact, because steel doors are constructed to withstand years of use, they often appear on commercial buildings as well as busy households. Tougher than fiberglass and wooden doors, steel doors are insulated with an energy-efficient foam core and are fully weather-stripped.

Additionally, steel doors are available in a myriad of sizes and styles to perfectly match your home. For example, you can opt for a steel door with decorative glass insets or choose one that has been coated with a wood grain appearance. What’s more, steel doors are remarkable for resisting cracking, warping and fire, yet are more affordable than other types of doors. They also come pre-primed, making painting a breeze. The downside of steel doors, however, is the fact that they can easily dent and are prone to rust when exposed to severe weather conditions.

What about wood doors?

For superior quality and beauty, many homeowners prefer wood exterior doors. Moreover, solid wood door models are constructed to resist warping and keep out the cold air; and because they are strong and sturdy, they’ll add to the security of your home.

However, wood doors carry several disadvantages. In the first place, they are expensive to purchase and time-consuming to maintain. Unless you periodically refinish the surface, you may end up with a door that looks tired and old. The ravages of moisture can leave cracks and black streaks in the door that, if ignored, will even change the door’s shape. Likewise, overexposure to sunlight will eventually cause the door to dry out and appear dull. However, wood doors will last longer if they are installed where they will be protected from direct sunlight and constant moisture.

The wonders of fiberglass

If you’re familiar with fiberglass products, we think you’ll be impressed with fiberglass exterior doors. Fiberglass is energy-efficient, long lasting and resistant to warping, rust, rot, cracks and dents. It even holds up well in our southern humid climates! Fiberglass is also an excellent choice if you need a door that can withstand high-traffic areas and is virtually maintenance free. What’s more, this type of door is relatively affordable and is available in a nice selection of styles and finishes, such as a faux wood look.

One last thing

Before you shop for your new exterior door, Handyman Connection of McKinney would like to provide out some helpful tips. Once you decide on the material of your exterior door, think about whether a flush or paneled style would look best with your home. You’ll also have to choose whether you want a slab or prehung door, which side to put your knob and whether the door will swing inside or outside your home. Then there are doors that come with attractive sidelights and transoms. With a little foreknowledge, you’re sure to find the perfect exterior door for your home.

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