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Painting  /  October 30, 2023

Plano Handyman: When is the Best Time to Paint the Home Exterior?

Plano Handyman_ When is the Best Time to Paint the Home Exterior

As a homeowner, you cherish your property’s aesthetic appeal. After all, it’s one of your biggest investments.

One of the most effective ways to refresh and protect your home’s exterior is with a fresh coat of paint. But when is the best time to tackle this project?

With Texas’s typical sunny, warm climate, understanding ideal conditions for exterior house painting services is key. Below, the pros at Handyman Connection explore factors that influence the timing of home painting projects, offer advice on when to call in a handyman in Plano and discuss which paint types bring out the best in your home.

Understanding Texas Weather Patterns to Paint Your Home

In the Lone Star State, the weather can be unpredictable, with hot summers and mild winters dominating the landscape. For the best house painting results, understanding these patterns is crucial.

Best Time for Exterior House Painting: Spring and Fall

The most favorable time for house painting projects in Texas is during spring and fall. Here’s why:

  1. Mild Temperatures: Spring and fall offer a break from summer’s extreme heat and winter’s occasional cold snaps. Mild temperatures ensure paint properly adheres to the surface and dries evenly.
  2. Lower Humidity: Texas summers can be muggy, which can affect how long it takes paint to dry. During spring and fall, humidity levels are lower, allowing the paint to dry faster and prevent bubbling and peeling.
  3. Minimal Rain: Texas’s cooler months typically see less rainfall compared to summer’s wetter weather. Rain can wash away paint and cause uneven application, making it best to avoid painting during the rainy season.

What About Summer and Winter?

While spring and fall are top choices to paint your home, you can still paint during summer and winter. Here are some considerations for each season:

  • Summer: If you opt for summer, schedule painting early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the scorching midday sun. You may need to work quickly to prevent paint from drying too fast.
  • Winter: Texas winters are relatively mild, but we get occasional cold snaps. Painting during winter is an option, but choose a day when temperatures are above 50°F for the best results. Use paint designed for colder conditions.

Choosing the Best Paint

Now that you’ve determined the best time for house painting services, you’re ready to select the right paint. Texas weather can be harsh, so opting for a durable, long-lasting paint is essential. Look for paints labeled as “exterior” and consider these factors:

  1. Quality: Invest in high-quality paint. While it’s often more expensive, it also provides better protection and longevity.
  2. Durability: Choose paints resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling.
  3. Color Selection: Consider lighter colors that reflect heat and UV rays. Darker shades can absorb heat and wear away paint faster.
  4. Primer: Use a quality primer to improve adhesion and overall paint performance.

When To Call in a Handyman in Plano

While painting your home’s exterior can be a DIY project, it can be time-consuming and physically demanding. If you prefer to leave it to the professionals or simply don’t have the time, hiring a handyman from Handyman Connection is a smart choice. Our technicians have the experience, equipment, and expertise to ensure the best results for house painting.

For Unsurpassed Painting Services, Call Handyman Connection

Choosing the best time for exterior house painting services in Texas is all about considering the weather and climate conditions. Spring and fall are ideal seasons, with mild temperatures and lower humidity. However, with careful planning and the right paint, you can achieve a stunning and long-lasting finish on your home’s exterior even during the hotter Texas summers or milder winters.

When you need a helping hand, Handyman Connection makes painting projects a breeze. To ensure your home remains beautiful and well-protected for years to come, fill out an online form.

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