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Painting  /  September 14, 2023

McKinney Handyman: The Best Colors To Paint Your Kitchen in 2023

McKinney Handyman_ The Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen in 2023!

The aroma of vanilla evokes delight and excites tastebuds when you’re baking up delicious treats in your oven. Yet as a kitchen design element, “vanilla” is too boring and flat to have the same kind of impact. If you want to take your kitchen’s color scheme from bland to brilliant in 2023, here are three great ideas to inspire you, along with how to find a top professional in interior and exterior painting in McKinney to get the job done right.

1. Vintage Colors To Consider

Retro design elements in kitchen appliances, cabinetry, and flooring have been trending for a while now, but a proper paint scheme is the key to pulling a vintage look together. Here are three styles the best painting services in McKinney will help you round out:

  • Victorian – Strong yet comforting navy blues, browns, and burgundy tones highlight the era’s elaborate molding and dark cabinetry.
  • Farmhouse – Complete the rustic and cozy look of your farmhouse kitchen with modern neutral colors like khaki, pearl grey, and mocha.
  • Midcentury – To create an authentically kitschy kitchen vibe, choose sunny yellows, mint greens, and pink flamingo hues for walls and cupboards.

2. Energizing Reds To Revitalize Your Room

Because the kitchen is often the most bustling room of your home, it makes sense to incorporate a bold, bright, and energizing color into its design scheme. Hiring a professional in interior and exterior painting to add a spicy kick of red to your kitchen enlivens the space in the same way that dropping a pinch of cayenne pepper or paprika into a ho-hum dish takes it to the next level.

If you’re worried about overdoing it with such a vibrant hue, try repainting a single accent wall or only your lower cabinetry in cherry, ruby, or garnet red. Opting for tones on the more muted end of the red scale, like brick or rust, is another way to incorporate just enough of the pigment’s panache without overwhelming the room.

3. Earth Tones That Enhance Tranquility

When you want your kitchen to feel more like an oasis than Grand Central Station, try toning things down through your color choices. To instill a sense of calm amidst the maelstrom of meal prep, natural hues that are warm and earthy offer a sense of peace and tranquility while still breathing freshness into the space.

Although the earth tones of last year may conjure up unsettling memories of your mother’s avocado green and harvest yellow kitchen color scheme, the palette is substantially broader nowadays. Whether used on all four walls or as accents, warm tones recommended by an expert such as terra cotta, dune beige, and seagrass green bring nature’s beauty into the heart of your home, creating a comforting, cozy vibe.

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Now that you’ve gotten some great inspiration for fresh color choices in your kitchen, it’s time to get started on your painting project. Because there’s so much detailed work to handle in kitchens, even the most seasoned weekend warriors wisely turn to professionals to ensure perfect results. To find the right partner to produce the paint job of your dreams, look no further than Handyman Connection.Whether you need a handyman in McKinney to do odd jobs around the home or office or are planning a complete remodel or renovation project, our Handyman Connection experts are ready to tackle any task. Count on us for the outstanding customer service and exemplary workmanship you deserve! Just contact us today and get your kitchen painting plans underway!

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