Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home: Blinds, Curtains or Shades?

Blinds, Shades or Curtains? Tips for Installing the Right Window Treatments, from the Home Maintenance and Installation Experts at Handyman Connection of McKinney

Looking for the right window treatments to keep the hot Texas sun from heating up your home this year? There are a wide variety of options to choose from, but in general, the most popular window treatments are blinds, curtains and shades.

So which one is best for your home? The general handyman and home experts at Handyman Connection of McKinney have broken down the pros and cons of each right here:

Breaking Down Window Treatment Options


Blinds are slats that overlap and fold up onto one another when shut. They can be horizontal or vertical, and are usually made of hard materials like vinyl, PVC, wood or metal.

The most popular types of blinds include the standard 1-inch white blinds, vertical blinds and Venetian horizontal blinds


Curtains are a stylish window treatment option that come in a variety of styles and colors. Black-backed, thick curtains are great at keeping light and heat out, while trapping cool air inside during the summer months.

The best part is you don’t have to choose between curtains or blinds and shades; you can layer curtains over the other two, if that’s your style. Curtains are usually best for regular windows, and aren’t ideal for sliding glass doors or other high-traffic areas. Popular curtain styles include grommet drapes, rod pocket and ring top curtains.


Shades are similar to blinds, but are made from fabric that can come in a variety of styles and fabric types. While they tend to be more expensive than blinds, they are much better at protecting your windows from thermal losses, making them a great option for homes that are aiming for better energy efficiency.

Roman, roller and cellular shades are all popular styles of shades found in most home improvement stores.

Need help installing your window treatments? Call Handyman Connection of McKinney

Once you’ve picked out your favorite blinds, curtains or shades, Handyman Connection of McKinney can help you install them. With our fully-staffed team of home maintenance, repair and installation professionals, we’re your top local provider of expert handyman services and we’re happy to help you 

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