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Home Improvement  /  December 21, 2017

4 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Changes You Should Definitely Try

Making your home more environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be tough. You can make simple changes to your lifestyle that will have a big impact. All you need to do is be aware of how your home consumes energy and how your lifestyle affects the environment. In today’s post, Handyman Connection of McKinney talks about four simple changes you can try:

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

  • Allow Your Grass to Grow Taller: You can save time and energy by letting your grass grow. Many species of grass fare best when you keep them at least two and a half inches tall. This length gives the grass more surface area to absorb sunlight. This then creates deeper roots and thicker turf, so you won’t have to water your lawn so often. In addition, you can save money by leaving grass clippings on your lawn. The clippings will add nitrogen to the soil and help prevent weed growth.
  • Choose ENERGY STAR® Products: The ENERGY STAR label lets you know which products are energy efficient. These products consume less energy while delivering the same or better performance as non-ENERGY STAR rated alternatives. Research shows that a home with ENERGY STAR products is more energy efficient and will help you save more money on energy bills.
  • Use Full Loads When Washing Clothes or Dishes: Doing your laundry and your dishes before waiting for a full load leads to wasted time, water and energy consumption. For example, most of the energy used by dishwashers and washing machines goes to heating the water. By using cold or warm rather than hot, and by only running the machine with a full load, you can save water, power, time and money.
  • Buy From Local Farmers: Produce typically travels over a thousand miles before ending up in your home. Transportation results in carbon emissions. You can save energy and do your part by buying from local farmers.

There are many other ways to make your home more eco-friendly. Handyman Connection of McKinney can help you with implementing these changes. We are the leading home maintenance company in the area. We can help you with electrical light installation, home remodeling, carpentry and many other home-maintenance tasks. Contact us to learn more ways to make your home environmentally friendly. You can also request a free estimate.


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