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Home Improvement  /  October 17, 2017

Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh

Cooking delicious and flavorful meals is one of the biggest pleasures in life. However, cooking broiled fish, spicy curry, and other great foods can leave pungent cooking odors in your kitchen that outstay their welcome. In today’s post, Handyman Connection of McKinney offers simple and effective tips to help you get rid of unwanted cooking odors:


  • Close Your Closet and Bedroom Doors While Cooking: Some cooking odors can seep into fabric and make your clothes smell greasy. Closing your closet and bedroom doors before cooking anything greasy will prevent your clothes and bed sheets from smelling like whatever you had for dinner the night before.
  • Leave a Bowl of Baking Soda, Coffee Grounds, and Vinegar Out: Leaving a bowl of these items out overnight will help eliminate unpleasant cooking odors from your kitchen. Vinegar, baking soda, and coffee grounds can absorb and dissipate the odors in your kitchen, keeping it smelling fresh and clean.
  • Clean Your Kitchen as Soon as You Can: Cleaning your greasy cooking pans and wiping splatter away as soon as possible can have a dramatic effect on how your kitchen smells. Quick cleaning will help prevent odors from lingering in your kitchen.
  • Keep Your Kitchen Ventilated: One of the best ways to eliminate cooking odors is through effective ventilation. Try opening a window, using the vent over your stove, or using an air filter. In addition to removing cooking odors, effective ventilation will also improve your indoor air quality by getting rid of pollutants and refreshing your indoor air.

These smart tips can minimize lingering cooking odors and make cooking much more enjoyable. If you want more tips or assistance with a home improvement project, Handyman Connection of McKinney can help. Our team has many years of experience and we have the necessary resources to help you with any kind of home maintenance problem. Contact us to learn more about getting rid of cooking odors. You can also request a free estimate.

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