Easy Ways to Locate a Wall Stud

There will come a time in your time as a homeowner when you’ll have to locate a little thing called a wall stud. Of course, the matter at hand will be a lot easier to accomplish if you have a stud-finding device. However, not every household will have a stud finder in the toolbox. So if you’re looking to hang anything on your wall, whether it’s an open shelf or a rare artwork, but don’t have a stud finder, this article is for you.

Handyman Connection® of Matthews has compiled a list of ways you can find a wall stud even without a stud finder.

What Are Wall Studs?

Wall studs are a 2-by-4-inch vertical support beam present in every home as part of its structural frame. Since the drywall surface of your wall isn’t designed to support the weight of, say, a flat screen TV, you’ll have to locate a wall stud to ensure that whatever you’ll be hanging up on the wall won’t fall.

Method 1: Electrical Outlet Method

Light switches and standard electrical outlets are usually fastened to wall studs. This means that if you can see an electrical outlet, then you’ll most likely be able to locate a wall stud. Remove the outlet or switch cover and inspect the insides to see if you can spot the beams. Once you’ve located the wall stud, simply draw a line from where the stud is all the way up to the mounting height.

Method 2: Sound Method

Hesitant about handling electrical outlets? Try the sound method. Tap along your wall and listen until you hear a solid sound. You can start tapping 16 inches from a corner, as that is supposedly a standard measurement for wall stud placement.

Method 3: Ask a Professional

Some homes might be built differently, so locating the wall studs might not be as easy as measuring the wall. When finding a wall stud proves to be a tricky task, hiring a professional is the best course of action.

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