Handyman Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Read about the home improvement tips Handyman Connection of Butler Warren has for the spring season.

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Now that spring is here, it’s time to start thinking about home maintenance projects. Homeowners want to have a bright and clean home in time for the fresh new spring weather. To ensure that your home is freshened up inside and out, hire the services of Handyman Connection of Butler Warren to complete these five necessary home maintenance projects.

  1. Spring awakens life that has been lying dormant for months. This often includes insects like mosquitoes, so be sure to check your screen doors for any rips, tears, or holes and have them replaced.
  2. More time is spent outside when the weather warms up and that means more time spent on decks, porches, and patios. Check your decks and porches for any railings, joists, stairs, or floorboards that need to be replaced or re-stained. You don’t want someone falling through a weak railing during your first barbecue of the spring!
  3. Power wash the winter away. Power washing is a great way to quickly wash away the grime that can accumulate on the exterior of your home during winter. Power washing your walkways is also a good idea and an often overlooked way to quickly clean them.
  4. Spring is the perfect time to paint your home because the weather is conducive to quick drying and the paint will allow you to repair any damages caused by weathering. Have a handyman do some touch up painting work and it can save you from having to repaint your entire home in the future.
  5. Organized home storage is an important part of cleaning and keeping your home in order. We can build custom storage for your garage, attic, basement, or shed to create the best storage system for your household needs.

These spring home maintenance tips will prepare you for a season full of outdoor fun and can even help you save money in the long run. For help with all of your spring home maintenance projects, give the local experts at Handyman Connection of Butler Warren a call today.