Gold Bathroom Promotion

Gold Bathroom Promotion – A Savings of over $1,000.00!

  Scope of work includes:

             Removal of existing tile/drywall surrounding the bathtub

             Remove bathtub                          

             Removal of existing tub shower valve, shower head, control handle, tub spout

             Removal of toilet, vanity (vanity top and faucet), light, mirror (flush mounted)

             Removal of baseboard and current flooring (additional charges may apply for removal)

             Install new bathtub (drain to be in same location)

             Install new tub/shower valve                       

             Install cement board on walls surrounding the tub

             Install ceramic tile on surrounding the tub (basic layout) – grout/caulk

             Add a horizontal mosaic tile strip for a more custom look

             Install new vinyl plank flooring (floating installation)

             Paint walls and ceiling (flat not textured)

             Install new vanity (same size) with top/integrated sink, faucet, wall mounted light and mirror

             Install toilet with new shut off valve (chair height/elongated bowl is an upgrade option)

             Install new baseboard (painting included) and caulk.

             Install new shower curtain rod

Labor $6,500 (regular price) Winter special $5,499

Materials package extra $ 2,634 see Platinum Materials Package

Total investment estimate $8,133


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