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Home Improvement  /  March 23, 2018

4 Ways to Create a Greener Home

This year, being green is the way to go, and the best place to start is your home. While creating a greener home might seem like a near-impossible feat, it’s actually quite easy to do if you know which parts of the home you need to improve. Handyman Connection® of Butler Warren shares four ways to create a greener home:

  1. Replace Old Windows With Energy-Efficient Units. Your windows play a big role in your home’s comfort. An old and worn-out window has probably lost its airtight seal, and this means it’s letting drafts and heat into your home. When you’re looking for a replacement, choose one that’s ENERGY STAR®-certified. This is a guarantee that it’s engineered to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

  1. Let Your Lawn Grow. It may be tempting to mow the lawn when the grass starts growing, but did you know that letting your grass grow out actually helps improve your home’s energy efficiency? Grass absorbs sunlight, and if you let it grow it’s going to draw in heat and light away from your home, helping to cool your house.

  1. Check the ENERGY STAR Rating of Your Appliances. A high ENERGY STAR rating means your appliances are manufactured to be environmentally friendly and responsible. These are guaranteed to consume far less energy than their standard variants.

  1. Consider a Lighter Exterior. Lighter exterior paint colors can reflect heat whereas darker paint absorbs it. So if you want to “naturally” cool your house down, consider a lighter color when repainting. You don’t have to choose light colors like yellow or white, just pick a lighter shade of the color you prefer.

With these home improvement tips, you can create a greener home. You can also turn to Handyman Connection of Butler Warren for more home improvement tips. Contact us at (513) 282-3032 to request a free estimate.

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