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Home Improvement  /  August 17, 2017

The 2017 Color Trends for Every Personality

The home should not only bring comfort and protection but also reflect the personality of its owner, while still being stylish. Handyman Connection of Butler Warren can help you achieve this with these trendy color palettes from the premier paint company, Behr. Here are the top three palettes:

Color Trends


The “Comfortable” palette features pinks, yellows, and blues in soft pastel tones that can make any room stand out. These muted colors are perfect for introverts experimenting with color accents. A light powder blue can add sophistication to dark wood floors while the warm rose quartz accentuates the natural light in a room creating a cozy atmosphere. A neutral gray space is easily energized by dusted yellow accents for a pleasing and harmonious look.


The rich, earthy tones of the “Composed” palette is a great choice for traditionalists who want to create a contemporary space. An elegant mineral gray enhances a traditional style home, and by pairing this somber shade with an interesting texture or pattern, you can create a softer look. Meanwhile, a bold aqua shade accented by black and white tones brings life to a minimalist office. Taupe and green hues create a calming atmosphere that would complement the natural light in a sunroom.


The “Confident” palette’s bold colors are designed to captivate attention, a trait that pairs well with the creative and social types. A dusky blue perfectly highlights high ceilings, while a bright lemon floor emanates a cheerful and positive vibe that can significantly improve the mood. For a more dramatic appeal, accent a blue-green space with zesty orange tones. Unsure of a color combination that works for you? Turn to Handyman Connection of Butler Warren. We can provide you with expert suggestions and quality painting services. Contact us today at (513) 733-3777 to request a free estimate.

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