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Home Improvement  /  April 13, 2021

Garage Storage: How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space in Lincoln, NE

Innovative Garage Storage Tips and How to Store Bikes in Your Garage to Make More Space Lincoln, NE & Surroundings Areas

Bikes can take up a lot of space in your garage and can even get in the way as you come in and out of your home. Whether you are an avid cyclist or more casual, this can be annoying if you have no where convenient to store your bikes. There are a few key steps to take for the optimum garage storage situation, so keep on reading to see how you can improve your garage storage and find a place to put those bikes.


The first step to organizing anything in you garage is to declutter. Kids’ toys, pool items, holiday ornaments, rakes, gardening tools, and more might all be taking up space that you sorely need. Give yourself a few goals while reorganizing.

  1. Find a place for every item to belong.
  2. Get everything up off the floor.
  3. Create clear and easy walking paths.

While these goals might seem obvious, if you do not have these already in place, your garage storage can help you avoid tripping hazards, the damage of your belongings if they are too close to your vehicles, and more.


Once everything is organized, your bicycles can be moved out of the way but kept nearby whenever you need them. Install and anchor hooks into the wall or ceiling of your garage to store your bikes. This garage storage hack is genius because your bikes can be safely stored out of the way above your other belongings all while staying in reach for use.

Garage Storage

As you are reorganizing, if you need help creating places for your belongings to go, consider custom garage storage projects such as installing shelving units, cabinets for storage, and more.

Make your garage a more efficient space with these storage tips. Get your bicycles up out of the way and make your garage safe to rush in and out of throughout the weekly schedule. If you need help with storage installations or improvements, reach out to your local craftspeople.

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