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Flooring  /  June 14, 2019

Laminate Flooring: A Look at Its Benefits

Finding the right balance of style, function and comfort is one of the keys to making the right flooring choice. Your selection must have the outstanding qualities you are looking for, from its capability to handle foot traffic to its resistance to spills, drips and other hazards.

Laminate is one particular flooring option worth considering given its attractive features. Handyman Connection® of Lincoln, home of your local maintenance pros, discusses its benefits in today’s blog.

Ease of Installation

Laminate offers a fast and easy installation. In fact, one can install up to 300 square feet of this flooring material in just one weekend. Today’s iterations make it so, thanks to click/fold and lock designs that allow planks to be joined together like jigsaw puzzle pieces. Also, its soft particle board composition provides easy cutting using a utility knife or hand saw.

Ease of Cleaning

Like any other flooring material, laminate is easy to clean. No waxing required; only a vacuum or broom is enough. However, it is important not to let excessive water from the mop seep into the seams as this may cause swelling. Instead, use a floor cleaner specifically made for laminate.


Adding an underlayment prior to installing laminate floors gives it a slight springy feeling on the feet. Perfect for kitchens, this flooring material makes standing for longer periods less strenuous, whether one is waiting for the food to cook or is washing dishes near the sink.


Consistency in the quality and appearance of laminate boards is one of the material’s striking qualities. No defects can be seen, unlike in hardwood flooring that comes with many imperfect pieces that require re-engineering. Moreover, laminate floorboards are available in styles that match the look of wood, stone and other natural materials.

For your flooring needs, turn to Handyman Connection of Lincoln. We work on installing a variety of flooring materials, not just laminate. Call us at (402) 205-2575 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate.

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