Stock vs. Custom Cabinets: Which Works Best for Your Kitchen?

Cabinets play an important role in your kitchen. They are not only used for storage, but they also contribute to the kitchen’s beauty.

In this post, your trusted home improvement contractor, Handyman Connection of Lincoln, compares stock and custom cabinets.

Stock Cabinets

You have fewer options when it comes to stock cabinets. These cabinets offer limited customizations and you can’t combine different styles that the manufacturer offers. They can be picked up from stores or ordered online.

Usually, stock cabinets have three or four types of storage. They can be quickly installed and are cost-effective. Delivery time for ordered cabinets is quite fast. Stock cabinets can work well with generic kitchen shapes, just not ones with unique sizes and angles.

Custom Cabinets

You can make the most of your storage with custom cabinets. They can be built on the unused and awkward spaces in your kitchen.

They can be customized according to your kitchen style. They are offered in a wide range of customization options for storage, layout, materials, colors and finishes. You can choose from exotic woods such as birdseye maple and zebrawood. Then there are also specialty finishes like hand-brushed washes. Aside from that, you display your beautiful collection of china with an elegant glass door that matches your custom cabinets.

Though they take more time to install, they blend better with your kitchen’s design and you get to have more storage. For a more unified look, consider using the same material as the other furniture in your home.

Keep in mind that custom cabinetry installation is best left to professionals. Make sure to hire an experienced and reliable contractor to ensure the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. Handyman Connection of Lincoln is an expert in designing and installing custom cabinetry and shelving. Call us at (402) 205-2575 or complete our online form for a free estimate.

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