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Home Improvement  /  April 18, 2019

Pet-Friendly Home Improvement Tips

Pets are also part of the family, so homeowners usually consider them when planning a remodeling project. The most common upgrades include dog doors, fence and pet-proof flooring.

In this post, your trusted home improvement expert shares some renovation ideas for your furry family members.


It helps to have a designated feeding station for your pets for a more organized kitchen. This will also avoid spilling and messes. A faucet in the area will also be great for refilling water bowls.

When installing new kitchen cabinets, you may consider having a lower drawer near the feeding bowls. You won’t have to worry about dog and cat food bags standing out in your clean kitchen.

There are instances where you don’t want your pets in the kitchen. Baby gates keep your furry ones from the places they shouldn’t be. A swinging or half door keeps pets out of the way without feeling closed off from the house.


If you don’t have a mudroom in your home, you can include a pet washing area or cat litter boxes in your bathroom remodeling plans.

Forget about the usual tub and shower combination and consider getting a walk-in shower. It makes it easier for pets to come in and out, especially larger dogs. A handheld shower near the ground is more convenient for washing your pets. Consider a bigger drain to make sure your shower room won’t get clogged with pet hair.

A kitty litter box doesn’t look very nice in the bathroom. However, if you’re redoing your cabinets, you can add cabinets with a large space for kitty litter storage.


It can be difficult for older dogs to climb up the stairs so adding ramps in your home can help them move between spaces. They also reduce the chances of joint damage and injuries in younger dogs.

An enclosed patio or a deck with outdoor fencing allows your cats to enjoy the outdoors and stay active. While privacy fences make you feel more secure, it restricts your pet from seeing the outside. Cutouts at your pet’s eye level act as a window for them.

Keep Your Pets Safe

Renovation can be stressful and dangerous for your pets. Make sure to visit the vet if your pet experiences anxiety or is sensitive to changes. Protect them against fumes, paint or chemicals by keeping the house ventilated. All renovation supplies should be kept in a safe place so your pets can’t reach or damage them.

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