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Aging in Place  /  March 21, 2019

Retirement-Friendly Home Projects to Tackle Today

If you have senior family members or plans to retire in your home, you can make the great investment of making it a senior-friendly one. Also known as an “aging-in-place” home, it is designed to make you or your senior family members’ life easier as they advance in age. Several projects can be tackled to make this possible, but where should you start?

In today’s blog post, Handyman Connection® of Lincoln, home of your local home improvement pros, discusses some of them.

Counters of Multiple Height

When you pursue kitchen remodeling, consider installing counters of varying heights. In addition to the standard 36-inch height, you can add one that is a bit taller—around 42 inches—and another that’s a bit shorter—30 inches—with knee space for sitting. These counters provide you with more options for preparing and cooking food, either while seated or standing, reducing the need to bend over as you do these tasks.

Reconfiguring Doorways

Consider widening your doorways to accommodate wheelchair access should you need it at any point in the future. Be sure your new openings are at least 32 inches wide, which is enough to make your home feel more spacious.

Lever Door Knobs

Speaking of doorways, replace your standard round door knobs with lever models. Similar to faucets found in kitchens and bathrooms, these are both attractive and easy to hold on to and operate. Lever door knobs are helpful for seniors who experience musculoskeletal difficulties.

Additional Lighting

At night, it is important your home is well-lit. Provide ample lighting in the hallways, bedrooms, kitchens and even in the backyard. Inadequate lighting poses a hazard for any senior member of the family, especially those whose vision has already been impaired.

Turn to Handyman Connection of Lincoln for your home improvement needs. We do kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as aging-in-place projects. Call (402) 205-2575 to get started or fill out our contact form to request an estimate.

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