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home maintenance  /  December 11, 2018

No Space, No Problem: Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

Having a limited amount of space can be quite a challenge, especially in terms of storage. When moving to a bigger home is not an option, you might have to resort to other measures to fit all your belongings. Today’s article from Handyman Connection® of Lincoln helps you turn a cramped space into an organized haven with these storage design hacks.

Tidy Up

It’s no secret that a tidy home, no matter how small, offers a warm and welcoming space instead of a stifling atmosphere. Keeping your floors free of any kind of clutter makes a big difference in opening up the floor space, making your home appear larger than it actually is. Think nifty open shelves for all your trinkets and trendy wicker baskets for your laundry. You’ll be surprised at how this seemingly simple design hack will work wonders for your small space.

Utilize Every Nook and Cranny

Since space is a precious commodity, it’s a good idea to utilize every available corner as a storage option. To keep your home from looking crowded, use slim wire baskets and hang them on a strip of unadorned wall or a constantly open door. You can also use vertical spaces as storage for your art supplies. This way, your storage can double as decor. You can also use open shelves as storage for all your cookbooks and magazines.

Choose Scaled-Down Furniture

This particular design hack doesn’t have to apply to every room in your home. However, you can pick scaled-back furniture for areas where space is especially scarce. Choose three-shelf cabinets instead of large, bulky closets in your bathroom to open up the floor space. Do away with footboards and put a storage trunk by the foot of your bed instead. Compartmentalization will go a long way.

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