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home maintenance  /  September 24, 2018

Tips on Keeping Your Painted Wall’s Charm

Painting is a traditional way to splash colors in your home. Keeping painted walls looking fresh, however, is necessary to preserve your home’s beauty and harmony. Read on as Handyman Connection® of Lincoln shares how to maintain your painted wall.

Get Rid of the Dust

To extend the life of your wall paint, use a microfiber dust cloth on a long-handled sweeper to remove dust, dirt and cobwebs every couple of months. Spare the covered areas since they don’t get dirty anyway. Remember to clean the ceiling, too. Even with gravity, airborne particles accumulate there so it’s smart to scrub them as well.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Some areas require more than just dusting; washing may sometimes be the best option. Scrub the spots around switches and thermostats and the walls behind your televisions and other appliances. Rinsing the areas above radiators or heating grates is also necessary to get rid of dust and dirt.

Create a Homemade Wall Cleaning Mixture

Homemade soap mixtures are not only economical; they are also as effective as commercial cleaners and do a great job cleaning walls. Plus, you can use items that are already available in your home. To create a cleaning solution, mix one cup of borax and two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid in one gallon of water. You may also use one tablespoon of ammonia and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in one gallon of water.

Fix Damaged Areas

Use paint leftover from the original job, if possible, to avoid mismatching of colors. Walls with holes need to be filled first before repainting the area. To address stains caused by leaks, determine the leak source and scrape and sand the area before repainting it.

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