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Aging in Place  /  May 22, 2018

5 Awesome Ideas for a More Senior-Friendly Home

A regular home poses several issues that make things difficult for elderly inhabitants. If you have a senior in your home, you should make the necessary changes to assure their safety and  improve their quality of life during their stay. Here are a few awesome ideas that can make your home more senior-friendly.

Remove Those Barriers

Because many seniors have trouble moving around the home, it’s a good idea to remove factors that can hinder their ability to get from one place to another. For example, you can remove a hallway door and replace it with curtains that do not have to be pushed open. If you have interior doors that really have to stay, consider replacing them with doors that open both ways so they don’t hinder the flow of foot traffic in your home.

Install Ramps

You probably think that ramps are only good for wheelchair-bound people, but they are actually beneficial for seniors in general. The gradual slope of a ramp means canes can’t get caught in stairs and an elderly person can climb up at their own pace. Place low-sloped ramps in major entryways.

Keep Things Level

Plan which areas of the home will be most frequented by a senior family member and have them leveled. The fewer spots in those areas that a mobility-challenged person has to step over, the safer and more convenient it will be for them. The living room, bathroom and the senior’s bedroom should be considered high-priority areas.

Ergonomics for the Elderly

Small doorknobs and faucet handles require more effort to operate and add a lot of unnecessary strain to a senior’s wrists. Our team of home renovation experts can replace those with longer handles, which provide extra leverage and make things easier for seniors to operate.

Automate Things

Automation is a great way to make things easier for regular people, but it’s even more helpful for seniors. Motion detectors can switch lights on and off for seniors without them having to fumble for the switch. You should also consider adding no-touch faucets and automatic door openers in high traffic areas of your home.

Make your home more accommodating to your senior family members. Our team of experts from Handyman Connection can help you make the necessary renovations. Call us at (402) 205-2575 or fill out our online form for further inquiries.

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