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home maintenance  /  March 29, 2018

Setting Up an Annual Home Maintenance Calendar

Your home is a work in progress, and as a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep it in excellent condition. Fortunately, home maintenance doesn’t have to be stressful. By planning your home’s maintenance routine early on, you’ll be set for the entire year. Handyman Connection® of Lincoln shares tips to help you set up an annual home maintenance calendar:

Determine Your Tasks

First, you need to figure out the different maintenance tasks your home needs to stay in top condition. You can do this by looking at your lease and asking for information from your local homeowners association. You can also research online. These tasks usually include aerating your lawn, scheduling a roof inspection, booking an AC inspection and flushing your water heater.

Prioritize Tasks According to Frequency

Once you’ve finished your list, you need to organize the tasks according to how often you need to perform them. For example, changing your air filters and cleaning your garbage disposal need to be done every one to two months. Inspecting and resealing grout, and cleaning your baseboard and trim should be accomplished every three months. Meanwhile, you need to clean out your gutters and wash your windows every six months. Lastly, make sure you schedule professional inspections once a year.

Set Reminders

Think about what a typical year for you is like and fit the tasks on your list according to your schedule. We recommend considering the seasons and the best time to perform specific home maintenance tasks as well. Make sure to list the materials you need to complete these tasks together with reminders. Just follow the reminders and your home will stay in great shape.

Handyman Connection of Lincoln can help you stick to your maintenance goals and preserve your home’s condition. Contact us today at (402) 205-2575 to learn more about setting up a maintenance calendar. You can also request an estimate.

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